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ChainofTermina writes:

Hi. it’s me again. the REAL me. very funny people hahaha.

any way, um, I think I might have told you this before, but I can’t remember. so I’ll tell you again. I was wondering if you knew who the Nostalgia Critic is. I mean, you were the one who “introduced” me to the Angry Video Game Nerd, so I know you know who that is. and anyone who knows who AVGN is can not possibly not know who the Nostalgia Critic is. I think it was a round a year ago that they had this big online battle and it probably quadrupled the number of fans for both of them and….anyway, the Nostalgia Critic talks about old media stuff from the 80’s and 90s. and one of his reviews is that of the Super Mario Bros Super Show. and we all know what happened on that show every Friday, right? about the entire 2nd half of the video (the whole thing is maybe around 20 minutes long) is a review of the Zelda cartoon. it very Hilarious, and any Zelda fan would enjoy it. I just thought you might want to make a post or something. you made posts about AVGN’s Zelda related stuff, why Not the Zelda related stuff from his biggest Rival? oh, yeah NC also has a review of that Captain N show, and he talks about the Zelda episode of that too.

James writes:

Yes, I do know who the Nostaglia Critic is. The mailbag introduced me to the NC. I missed the battle when it happened, but I did go back and watch the entire battle from the beginning and it was hilarious. Since I have not yet finished watching all the older NC videos, I was unaware of him doing any old Zelda cartoon reviews. Therefore, that is why I didn’t include him in newsposts. Once again, this falls into the older news category and whether I should post it or not is up in the air. If the NC does post something Zelda related again in the future, I will post it here and all the older videos that he has posted. Fair?

KamenRiderLink writes:

I am currrently trying to make a fanfiction combining Legend of Zelda with the Japanese tv series, Kamen Rider (if my name here wasn’t already a give-a-way).
I know you guys might not be able to help me alot, but I would like some members of the Zelda Community here to help me with some stuff, like what does Link in Kamen Rider armor look like? what is the motif of his suit? Knight? Wolf?…..Grasshopper?

James writes:

Even though I have no clue what you are talking about, I am going to post this question anyway and see if our wonderful viewers can help. If you can answer this question, please comment below with your choice. Also, KamenRiderLink, I am going to post the link to the Zelda Universe Forums and check those out and post your question. I would say post it in one of the following: General Zelda, Fan Fic, or Entertainment. ONLY ONE. If you post it in the wrong section, we will move it to the right section. By we, I mean the other mods who actually are working on the forums, unlike myself.

Keith James Johnson writes:

So I have been a fan of Zelda since I was a little kid, It has always been my favorite game, ever. But there has always been one thing about Zelda that I have never understood, In each Zelda is it the same Link or is it a different Link.? Are they related or is it just to keep the series together, or what.?

If you could answer my question, or direct me in the right diretion, that would be GREAT.

James writes:

This question has been answered numerous times by the fans and Nintendo themself. Link’s are most of the time paired, and what I mean by that is there is an original game that introduced a Link and usually one sequel involving the same Link. Case in point: Ocarina of Time Link is the same as Majora’s Mask

Link. Here is a list of what (I believe) are all the Link’s that are the same in each game he stars:
The Original and AoL (if you don’t know the abbreviations, look them up.
I believe ALttP Link is the only game he appeared in.
LA and Oracle Link I believe are the same
OoT and MM
WW and PH
TP is the only Link so far, though we think that Wii Zelda may have the same Link or may not
ST is the only Link so far
TMC, FS, and FSA are the same

Therefore, if the Link is different, then Zelda is different. I believe as of ST, there have been 8 heroes named Link in the history of the series. I will explain more in the audio (hopefully).

AlexDGr8r writes:

I was looking at your pronunciation guide and I have always wondered: What is the proper way to pronounce “ocarina”? Could you answer that please?

James writes:

Now this is the perfect type of question that people can send in that the audio version of the mailbag is perfect for. I will spell out how I pronounce it, and I believe that is how it is said. If you want to actually hear it, listen to the audio: Aw-Cah-Reena.

Mr. Dent writes:

Hello, It’s me again. I apologize for last week. It appears that I may have described it incorrectly. I am talking about when you go see a film in 3D and you wear the glasses, it gives the screen depth. It just seems like a cool thing to put in a zelda game.

James writes:

It is fine. I misinterpreted your question, and therefore my answer wasn’t what you wanted.

However, I think 3D is overrated and games would not benefit from the technology. However, I still have yet to see Avatar and don’t know how they incorporated it into the movie, so I could be inserting my foot into my mouth. I think games do enough to gather my interest as they are now.

Austin Davis writes:

I was just wondering if, or can, anyone can become a webmaster, such as myself, just randomly? Or is there some kind of requirements that one has to have? I would really like to join sometime!

If anyone can join, I would like to make an attempt at becoming a webmaster here at Zelda Universe. This seems like a outstanding community and I love how this site is set up. So please respond.

James writes:

Things have changed since the first time I joined in 2002. Back then, we didn’t ask to become staff, it just happened. However, the people you see as Webmasters have proven they deserve the title. If Jason chooses to open up site staff positions in the future, feel free to apply and become staff. If you prove yourself and work hard enough with what we give you to do, anything is possible. But, I believe we promote from within, so you need to be staff before you can become a webmaster. I do not know when we will be looking for more help in the future, just keep a eye out to the main page and we will let you know when it happens.

GamerGurl writes:

I heard that in an old Zelda comic, Link had a father. Is this true? What was his name/role? Do you by any chance have an image of him?

James writes:

Unless the Zelda series is full of technology far beyond our understanding, everyone has a father, including Link. However, I did a quick search and nothing came up. The two closest things I found to references in comics or games are these:

1. Agahnim is a friend of Link’s father in the ALttP comic released in 2005
2. The Hero’s Spirit is either the father or grandfather of Twilight Princess’ Link. The only clue to this is because once you find all six moves that he says “Farewell, my son.”

Dark Hero writes:

Zelda Wii 2 has been made with the wii motion plus right, I’m just wondering what would happen if you play the game without it.

James writes:

I believe that most Wii Motion Plus games allow you to play them without the accessory, it’s just that you don’t get the whole experience. The accessory is designed to make it seem like the controller is more of extension of your arm then the wiimote does by itself. The fact that it should have been on the wiimote to begin with, but that’s another debate.

  • Majora

    Wasn't the Smith Link's father in Minish Cap? If not, he could be referring to Link's uncle in ALTTP.

    • Tyler

      Hi, I'm no game expert or anything, but I do know for a fact that Master Smith is Link's grandfather in MC.

  • KamenRiderLink

    Neat! I made it in the mailbag!
    I hope someone can be of assistance to me.
    Thanks for posting my question!

  • mr dent

    Thanks for answering my question. But I need to inform you on something involving the wii motion plus question. The motion plus does more than just make the remote bigger. It has a special accelerometer that allows the ability to tell your hand's direct movements. It's required in wii sports resort. But there is a 3rd party wii remote that has the motion plus built in, but I already have all my controller needs done, I don't need another.

    • James

      I don't remember saying the Wii Motion Plus makes the remote bigger. I didn't answer it like you, but I did say it enhances the experience, so I get some credit, right?

      • mr dent

        Oh crap! I misread "extension of the arm"! sorry!

  • Teengamer

    It only makes sense that there should be different Links and Zeldas throughout the games since it's called the LEGEND of Zelda!

    • Tyler


  • TheMaverickk

    Just striking up the debate thing… but I have no problems with the fact that Wii Motion plus wasn't included originally.

    Nintendo didn't even know people would care that much about motion controls when they launched the system, so why go all out. The motion controls were responsive enough and in fact worked well in many of the early titles. IR aiming was also top notch and has only gotten better.

    Not to mention motion plus if included with a lot of games now and every new Wii remote you buy. I got a black Wii motion plus with my black remote…. Red Steel 2 is offering a free one up, and I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo gives one out with Zelda 2010 as well since they want people to experience the game in all it's glory.

    Either way one-to-one controls will likely be standard in the next motion controller.

  • CJ

    The “Hero’s Spirit” from Twilight Princess is actually called the “Hero’s Shade”.

    The Links that are the same are:
    LoZ – AoL
    OoT – MM
    LttP – OoS/OoA – LA
    FS – FSA
    WW – PH
    TP, ST, & TMC have stand-alone Links

    So, there have been 8 Links so far.

    As for Ocarina, it is pronounced “Oh-cah-reena”. That IS the pronounciation. I looked it up.

    • helmaroc-king

      according to merriam webster it IS aw-cah-reena

    • Guest

      English is a funny language spoken in different ways in multiple countries. BOTH pronunciations are correct, it's just a matter of what country you are in!

      • James

        Which is why I pronounced it both ways. When I looked on, the voice on the site pronounced it aw-cah-reena. Hence the reason I call it that.

  • ChainofTermina

    I don't think it matters if the NC's videos are old. some people at this site might not know about them, so, you could inform them.

    and it not Zelda Wii 2! it just Zelda Wii! TP was not supposed to be for the Wii. it was just used as a launch tittle cause that was the only new game of a classic Franchise at the time, I think.

    • James

      Indeed, but which version was released first?

      (I know that's not a good answer, but hey, I think its funny.)

  • Taersx

    Son is quite a vague word. I think it's unreasonable to assert that the Hero's Shade is truly a literal ancestor of the Twilight Princess Link just because he calls him "son". He could well be using it in an adoptive sense.

    • ZeldaNoob

      true, thats why he says its a clue. Not actual evidence.

  • Garlog

    A lot of people here seem to think that OoX Link is related to LA Link. Well, LA was made as a sequel to ALttP and shares the same Link. In OoX Link meets Zelda for the first time, but he also meets her in ALttP for the first time, so ALttP/LA clearly have a separate Link from OoX.

    • James

      What is OoX?

  • James

    Never seen it written that way before… oh well.

  • scottwalker

    Aw-cah-reena, Oh-cah-reena
    Tow-may-tow, Tow-mah-tow

    • James

      Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.