Holy Wiimotes, Batman! Is Zelda Wii going to be released this year? Nintendo President Satoru Iwata claims that this is indeed the case. In an interview with Japan’s Asashi Shimbun Daily, he said “You are now less than 365 days away from a new console Zelda game”.

If this is the case, then we’re in for a good year with not only Zelda, but other major releases such as Mario Galaxy 2 and the mysterious Metroid: Other M. So get going to the forums and express your excitement and joy! And later your anger as Nintendo decides to delay the game for months.

The Zelda team have been giving hints about the content of the game for a couple of months now, and have confirmed that they will reveal a lot more about the game at E3 2010. Zelda Director Eiji Aonuma had this to say back in November 2009: “So far, the basic flow of the Zelda games is you’re exploring a field, you go to a dungeon, you conquer it and return to the field. We’re looking at altering that traditional flow. That’s all I can share, and I can’t say more until E3 next year.”

Aonuma has also stated that the last big console Zelda game, Twilight Princess, didn’t fully complete Nintendo’s objective of creating the most realistic and immersive Zelda experience ever, and says that Zelda Wii will take what they’ve built in Twilight Princess and adapt it for a more realistic playing experience.

Source: IGN (thanks to Dan Banan for the tip)
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