Holy Wiimotes, Batman! Is Zelda Wii going to be released this year? Nintendo President Satoru Iwata claims that this is indeed the case. In an interview with Japan’s Asashi Shimbun Daily, he said “You are now less than 365 days away from a new console Zelda game”.

If this is the case, then we’re in for a good year with not only Zelda, but other major releases such as Mario Galaxy 2 and the mysterious Metroid: Other M. So get going to the forums and express your excitement and joy! And later your anger as Nintendo decides to delay the game for months.

The Zelda team have been giving hints about the content of the game for a couple of months now, and have confirmed that they will reveal a lot more about the game at E3 2010. Zelda Director Eiji Aonuma had this to say back in November 2009: “So far, the basic flow of the Zelda games is you’re exploring a field, you go to a dungeon, you conquer it and return to the field. We’re looking at altering that traditional flow. That’s all I can share, and I can’t say more until E3 next year.”

Aonuma has also stated that the last big console Zelda game, Twilight Princess, didn’t fully complete Nintendo’s objective of creating the most realistic and immersive Zelda experience ever, and says that Zelda Wii will take what they’ve built in Twilight Princess and adapt it for a more realistic playing experience.

Source: IGN (thanks to Dan Banan for the tip)
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  • Colonel Ganon

    I can't wait! I just hope it's not the Crossbow 2 that one guy (can't spell his name) wants.

  • Jimes

    Here is hoping it is a decent Zelda title and not something rushed together.

    • Link_86_1

      Are you feaking kidding me? This has been in development for like 5 freaking years (6 including this one)!

  • Superozzy

    I hope they delay it, because I want a very good Zelda game and for that you need lots and lots of time.

    • ZeldaNoob

      4 and a half year is MORE than enough time.

    • twilit mask of time

      you know, twilit princess was delayed not necessarily for the better

    • MasterEdge

      are you kidding me, this game has been underdevelopment for WAAAAAAAAAY too long already, releasing it this year would be perfect….of course i was planning on getting Tales of Graces for xmas this year, but i guess i'll get this game first

    • Zeldafan793

      This is what i want. Altho i have a feeling they have been working on it since late 06, early 07, i want atleast 7 years put into this game, if that means a year or to of delay im all for it.

      I wanna know what its called. And please i beg you, DONT MAKE IT LIKE ANY DS GAME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

      they are terrible and almost destroyed the series.

  • king of termina

    I hope they have completed it as they wanted it. As the two guys above me I want something well prepared and finished up until the last detail.

    Now I just need to avoid getting hyped up. Oh that's gonna be hard…

    • Lizzy

      Oh, tell me about it! I'm over here howling like a hyena and jumping like a maniac. I have a reason to dust off my Wii now.

      I agree with the others that I want something good. Nintendo's been known for their delays, although given how hyped up I am, I honestly hope that this one doesn't get delayed. I mean, they delayed the last one, and it was worth the wait. Look how good it turned out? It was quality. And given that they're changing some of the Zelda tradition, I'm even mroe excited. Let's just hope that this has been in development since after TP was released, and that the last 5 years have been significantly spent in preparing this to-be-awesome video game. :DDDD

  • That’s just awesome

  • So, Crossbow Training 2 comes out this year…. great >.>

    I seriously doubt that this will be an actual LOZ game he's talking about.
    If it is then why didn't they show anything during E3 ?
    Considering that they would have had to have over half of the game finished at that time, right ?
    So, making a trailer wouldn't have been that much work I would imagine.
    Instead we got some artwork for the game…..

    With that said, I'm expecting Crossbow Training 2 but secretely hoping for a new LOZ game

    • Lunatik

      Still they talked about a new zelda game in the E3 2008.

      http://wii.ign.com/articles/920/920705p1.html I(copy paste to your webbrowser)

      I hope this one will be at least as good as OoT.

      • Yes, they did.
        But saying there is a new game being developed doesn't equal it being released this year.
        With the lack of info on this game right now I find it hard to believe that it's coming out this year.

        Who knows though, maybe they'll surprise me >.>

  • Jim

    They've been trying to keep their announcements closer to their release dates ever since they messed up with TP by stretching the hype out too long. They have promised to tell more about Zelda Wii during the next E3, though.

    • " messed up with TP by stretching the hype out too long".

      Hmm… wasn't that because they decided to move TP to the Wii as well ?
      Which required additional time for developing and bug testing….

      So they'll tell us more about the game at E3… how does that relate to the game coming out this year ?

  • Milliontown



    *dies of excitement*

  • Dewii


  • Meadhbh

    Oh YES!
    At the least, this time it didn't take five years…
    Okay, I've already subscribed to E3's mailing list,so what do I do now?

  • TheKhaion

    OH MY GOD I CAN'T WAIT!!! *dies*

  • TDM

    You forgot about Super Mario Galaxy 2.

    Hope it's a good Zelda game, and not Link's Crossbow Training or something crappy.

  • koden530

    you don't think 4 years is lots of time to create a game???

  • zelda lover


  • I didn't forget. I'm not interested in that since I never got the original Mario Galaxy.

    • ChainofTermina

      you didn't miss much. its pretty much SM64 but with no gravity.

      • Renn

        or too much gravity 😀


    you sick man

  • wayne

    I may be in the minority here but I hope you don't have to stand up and jump around in front of a T.V. like a retarded jack ass to play it.

  • NRGPhoenix

    Hmm well there working on it just a few months after the launch of Twilight princes so i’m guessing they had enough time already….!

    • lunatik

      TP's been release in 2006 :O 4 years is much of a time for a sequel to a serie….

      • ZeldaNoob

        because twilight princess was delayed so much. I bet that they were already brainstorming zelda wii before tp's release.

  • None

    “You are now less than 365 days away from a new console Zelda game” in here what does console means

    • Cody Gee

      Ugh finnaly it's felt like forever that i've been waiting for a new Wii Zelda game, I hope Link has a Fairy in this one 😛

  • Nitramtj

    Wow I wasn't expecting that, but I wouldn't be surprised if it gets delayed like the other zeldas or pushed back a year like Mario Galaxy 2.

  • raiyneofgailin

    OMGICANTWAITIMSOEXCITED!!!! XD *dies of excess excitement*

    … And it becomes apparent that i have no life.

  • LinkBroken

    I hope they put lots and lots of work in i want a good game, they have been going down hill after OoT, and went up a little at TP but not above, i hope this new game clears TP. only thing gonna be better than OoT is a remake of it

    • That's rather close-minded huh?

      OoT was good for it's time. Period.

      Saying a game we hardly know anything about is already worse than it is wrong in every way. I get OoT was great, but if it were released as it is today, it wouldn't sell very well would it?

    • Hydra

      Do you mean that as in OoT is still the best, or it was the best to its time of any of them? If you mean the first, then I'm sure many (including me) would disagree with you. If you mean the latter, then it may be literally impossible to achieve.

  • Wow this is hella sweet! Can't wait for the new Zelda. Thanks for the newsletter!

  • Epona500h

    Oh my gosh! I wanna jump up and down for joy! I don't care if they delay it, just as long as it's really good. But it does sound like Nintendo has poured it's heart and soul out for this one….

    • Lightbringer

      true…we have seemed to heard ALOT about this game so far… and a lot of retrospective thoughts by the zelda team… so that means they planned it out really well!!!

  • Epona500h

    Lol, I think most of us who play Zelda have no lives!

  • 4 years since TP… but I think with PH and ST… it doesn't even seem so long ago. We really got spoiled by quick game releases this decade.

  • ZeldaGurl_


    Omigosh, I just can't believe it!!! And do you know it's been since 2006 that TP came out??!! I think we've waited enough, and I'm so excited now I think I'm gonna like have a spaz attack at school and like die of a seizure during the middle of class XD. Just goes to show that Zelda is also a serial killer too lol.
    Aw, man thanks for getting the word out, my dau has just gotten better, and now I'm gonna look forward to it the whole year!!! If it has to get delayed I would be okay with it as long as it's to fixa problem or something. But if it's for something stupid or just for the suspense, then AAARRGGHH!!
    I have a feeling that this game is going to change everything….. SO W00T!!!


  • ZeldaGurl_

    Nah, we just have the BEST LIVES!! The people who don't play Zelda don't know what awesomeness they're missing!!! 😛

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Well, by then it'll have been about 4 and a half years, which for Nintendo is a good amount of time for them to work their magic. 😛

    I wanna see Zelda kick some bootie!!!

  • Lunatik

    I think that what could really be AWESOME is that they would make the same Zelda for GameCube, just like they did with TP. Sony's still releasing some games for both PS2 and PS3, making their games much more available for everyone. I know there is only a tiny chance, put I keep believing in….

    • Hydra

      It would be awesome (I don't have a Wii), but it's not gonna happen. :-/ And remember, the true version of TP is the Gamecube one. The Wii is just the port. 😀

      • NaviIsAnnoying

        why did they have to flip the wii and gamecube versions of wii? Seriously??? just because he was different-handed, wow. that was really annoying.

      • ZeldaGurl_

        I know. I have a Wii and a Gamecube, and I still play on both.
        Helf the reason why I'm so excited about this is that this is going to ebt eh first Zelda game made with the idea of Wii in mind!!! TP was ok for Wii, but starting out on the Gamecube and playing on the Wii for it got really confusing. TP was really a amazing Gamecube game, so I don't really care how it seemed for the Wii.

        I just hope that Link is now Left handed, in this coming game. A right-handed Link really bothers me…

        They switched them because they wanted to set a difference for the two systems. Making them different would make them seem big anough of a change for the players, and it would kind of switch it around. (Besides, most players are right handed, so it would make sense for the Wii Remote). I really do hope though that they switch it back, or where you could choose to play right handed or left handed.

    • I wouldn't hold your breath for it if I were you…..

  • ZeldaGurl_

    I don't know where you have been but there is no way this is going to be a rushed together project. Nintendo knows what they're doing, and they have had about 4 and a h lf years, so NO WAY JOSE!!! XD!!!

    W00T, W00T!!!!

  • Jamie

    I don't mean to spoil this for anyone, as I'm mega excited about this as well… but Kotaku were unsure whether the game would only see a release in Japan in 2010…I hope not!

  • TheMaverickk

    I am not at all surprised by this announcement. I've predicted this to be the case. I mean put this into perspective… Zelda Wii's development started immediately after Twilight Princess… it's been nearly 4 years since that game was released. Also since Twilight Princess got delayed for a Wii release, the Zelda team had already started brain storming the next Zelda project after the majority of work done on TP was complete.

    Also Nintendo has been in a lull for the last 2 years, with Super Smash Bros. Brawl easily being one of their last really big releases, using games like Mario Kart Wii, Animal Crossing, Punch Out!, New Super Mario Bros. Wii ect. as games to hold the fans over… so that they could pull of a 3 pillar release year. It's no coincidence that there is going to release Mario, Metroid and now Zelda all in the same year. Those three franchises are the Triforce of the Nintendo company. Releasing them all in one year would probably shut up the nay-sayers (although not likely for long) and that is what Nintendo wants.

    Also I don't know where people have gotten this idea that Nintendo delays Zelda games constantly… the only game to have that happen ever was Twilight Princess and that was because they wanted a strong launch title to move the Wii system off shelves, which it did. Majora's Mask was released two years after Ocarina of Time, it wasn't delayed and was on time. Wind Waker was released in 2003 without any delays to hold it back. It's not the norm for a Zelda game to be delayed… if they are now saying that it is highly likely to make it for release in 2010 I think people shouldn't be so pessimistic.

    At least it isn't a 7 year wait for it's release… like the gap between Link to the Past and Ocarina of TIme.

  • I'm freaking out right now! Before the end of 2010? More immersive than TP? Altered gameplay, for the better? Yes! Thankkssssss

  • Jacob

    We've had PH and ST but they were hamdhelds, not on a console.

  • dude, get galaxy now. it's one of the top 3 wii games, yknow. (Brawl, TP, and Galaxy)
    Hurry up and beat the original before 2 comes out. The game is freaking sick man. amazing, for wii.

  • TheKhaion

    OH MY GOD I CAN'T WAIT!!! *dies*

  • I'm not getting excited about this until I see a trailer.
    btw I think you should be able to play the game with the the Gamecube controller, or the Wii classic contoller like Super smash bros brawl lets you. I like camera control! The only games I know with really good camera control is Mario sunshine and galaxy, Sly cooper, and my personal Fav Jak and Daxter (Before High Impact murdered it)

  • DSP

    Good to hear the game ''might'' be finished sooner than I or most of us expected.

  • As it is true they don't often delay Zelda games, they've been delaying other games a lot more often nowadays.

    …Not that it isn't without good reason. I'm sure that we'll all be very happy of it gets delayed but turns out amazing rather than if it comes out early and turns out awful…

    • TheMaverickk

      Not really, only one game has ever been delayed in the last decade and that was Twilight Princess…. Phantom Hourglass was on schedule, so was Spirit Tracks… Four Swords Adventure, Minish Cap… even the minor releases have been on schedule. There's only been one game and that is Twilight Princess.

      People have this concept that since Twilight Princess we can expect to see Zelda games get delays, but in reality Nintendo doesn't tend to make a habit out of delaying games. They won't even give a concrete release date usually unless they are sure they can meet that deadline.

      If you got some alternate examples of Zelda games that have gotten delayed though feel free to mention them. I don't mean alternate release dates, or delays in other countries either. I mean a concrete delay with what happened to Twilight Princess, which at first was done to make some artistic style changes, and then a second was only done to mirror the game and put motion controls on to make it a Wii launch title basically.

      • ZeldaGurl_

        You guess should listen to Maverickk, they know wait they're talking about.

        As, you can see from the graphics of the E3 videeo, they did make some not minor, but HUGE graphic changes which I'm so happy they did. It really made a difference and the game loks amazing now.

        And yes, they only delayed Twilight Princess, so I don't see why you guys are all complaining. I do hope though that they might catch any mishaps that might make the game better. I remember waiting for TP to come out only to find out that it had been delayed, and then that's when the Wii got real big because people found out that the next Zelda game was also going to be even more interactive on something new.So when it came out finally, I saw the graphics changed and I was so happy because the things like the look of Hyrule or the look of Epona or other animals look so much more rounded and realistic.

        So don't go to the extreme you guys just beacause we had to wait a little bit for TP. If it's on time then great, but if we have to end up waiting a little bit, then so be it and may it be even better. Either way I LOVE ZELDA!!!

    • Goronlove7

      Why do people have this idea that if a game is not delayed it will not be good not only is this no true its not even true for zelda.

  • watties

    They say 2010, it means 2016, get over it.

  • Pete


    Better bloody not! Let's have a global release date! Spirit Tracks was almost release the same time in all regions (oddly, Japan was *last*).

    2010 the year of Zelda, Mario & Metroid!

  • TLoZM

    … Is this heaven, or am I dreaming? *feints*

  • Rinku1337

    Seriously, when I first clicked on this, I was thinking "rumor alert!", but this is music to my ears!!!!! Now all we gotta do is wait for those first screenshots, and the trailer………


    • ZeldaGurl_

      I know! I betcha I freaked my neighbors out when they heard me screaming and doing some sort of attempt at dancing when I saw the subject bar in my inbox. I'm still in shock and I'm so excited!!! I can't wait for E3, but I just hope that Link, Zelda, and all the others look the same, act and meet up to their previous reputations. W00T!

  • ChainofTermina


  • Rinku1337

    Wikipedia says its scheduled for June 15-17. Man that feels so far away.

  • ZeldaWP

    That’s wonderfull =)

  • Necrolod

    This year is probably going to be the best year that the Wii has ever had, probably the best year nintendo has ever had, Mario, Metroid and Zelda in the same year is amazing.

  • LeftyLink

    *Explodes* *Hopes it has 1:1 swordfighting*
    Actually, as to the swordfighting, I’d better cross my fingers there’s a lefty mode… Come on Nintendo…

  • Brentinitis

    I hope it has multi player and uses nintendo Wifi 🙂


    lol, seems as if a ton of people are *dying* due to this! A new Mario AND a new Zelda in the same year?! I might also die of said excitement… 0.0

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Ya, like I said in my entry, Zelda is going to be known now as a serial killer. XD

  • ChainofTermina

    WHAT!? NOOOOOOO!!!!! wasn't in, like, April one year!? that's to long!!!!!!

    • ZeldaGurl_

      ROFL, Chainy we gotta love you're enthusiasm. I always end up laughing when I read your entries. Glad to know you're as excited as well.

      And BTW, does anybody know if E3 has a live stream going online? I would want to go, but I think I'd end up not being able to go so I should just try for online.

      AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! W00T W00T!!! *Attempts to dance but utterly fails…*

  • Matt

    O_O OMG OMG OMG its about time !!!!

  • Slimer

    By that last sentence, I hope that doesn't mean that the same models are going to be used over again like in Majora's Mask. That concept won't work well with Twilight Princes to Zelda Wii, unless it's a direct sequel.

  • link-fanboy851

    okay this is going to be the best zelda game ever. the poster looks so epic. sadly it doesnt look like its going to have midna or any of the fairies you had in the other games. In my opinion the master sword is a spirit and this spirit can transform from sword to spirit any time. she'll probably be as helpful and guide us through dungeons and tell us how to defeat bosses. I still cant believe there finally making another zelda game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • braadlloyd

    @OMIGHTY You forgot Metroid.

  • mclennon27

    who's excited?!
    i know were all thinking about delays and all that, but this is a good moment so none of that! just think, by the end of the year, well have a new zelda! woot!

  • Z-MAN7

    2010 may as well be the Wii's swan song.

  • " I still cant believe there finally making another zelda game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

    …..Seriously ?
    I could have told you that they would make this game back in 1996 lol.

  • Bolero_of_Fire

    I hope they don't make too realistic, because then it won't feel real. My older brother said the OoT felt so real to him.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    A delayed game is good eventually, but a bad game is bad forever.

  • PuppetMasterIX

    Wow. Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, and now the new Wii Zelda are coming out in the same year! I can tell from that alone that this will be an awesome year for Nintendo.


  • I wonder if there's any way to e-mail the big guys on that games dev team personally. I'd love to chime in a bit on what I'd like to see. What they said, about disrupting that flow, is exactly it! I loved that about TP, that there were things in between (like the fight with the moblin king on the boar, and the getting that wagon to Kakariko, etc.). The more of that stuff, the better. And make it longer!

  • ninjaofice

    there is only ONE way to make a zelda game better than OoT and that is to make a new zelda game from the ground up with MORE dungons HARDER bosses less time running around hyrule feild and MORE action and oh u know what else it needs longer dungons so ur not able to go and do 1 dungon an hour just to beat the next dungon an hour later but still 🙂 make it harder longer and more stratigic and uve made a LoZ game better than OoT 🙂


    Sorry about all the caps but Zelda = AWESOMNESS.

  • Siaarn

    Alot of people are worried about it being rushed, but Majora's Mask was made in one ear and it turned out to be debatebly the best Zelda game ever, I know it's my favorite, so, I'm not too worried at all.

  • FuriousMonkeyBoy

    I hope that this one will be even more “required” quests between Dungeons, not that there werent many past titles, but it would be awesome if there were stricter requirments in order to enter a dungeon. This title will definitly have longer gameplay and more detail, because TP could fit on a GC disc and that was a fairly long game. so using as much as the data on a Wii Disc as possible should allow for more detail,longer dungeons and even more awesome soundtracks.

  • davidjw


  • it's NOT this year for America, it's this year for Japan and 5 months later for America and everywhere else.

  • scouserfuller9

    I've been a bit surprised with Nintendo the past 12 months. ST was not even known this time last year yet 9 months after seeing footage of the game we're all here playing it! I was expecting it to be delayed and for once I was wrong.
    As for the so "called" Zelda Wii we haven't seen any video footage yet although it was mentioned at last years E3 and we've been hearing a lot of hints about the game too so a 2010 release would not surprise me although at the same time if I had to put my money on it I'd still say 2011 before it's released worldwide!?

  • ChainofTermina

    {blush} uh……..th-thank you. I just wish I could be that enthusiastic in real life. hehe….

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Lol. But if you can't be enthusiastic for a new Zelda game, what can you be enthusiastic for? Zelda's worth it. ^_^

  • Leo

    To linkbroken: Its people like you i dont like. You will refuse to beleive anything can top Ocarina of time and therefore you will set yourself up for a dissapointment. I dislike the stubborness. My personal favorite was wind waker.

  • WhiteStorm
  • TheMaverickk

    You know what's something I'd love to see done with Zelda again… is a dungeon crawler. I don't think there has been a Zelda game with as many dungeons as Link to the Past. I mean I'm not saying I don't love side quests, Majora's Mask was one of the most fleshed out and wonderful worlds ever and it only had 4 dungeons technically.

    On the other side I'd love to see a Zelda game where you are hopping from one dungeon to the next without all the overworld empty space. Here's hoping though we get some of that in the next Zelda game.

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Well,you guys, why can't there be a comprimise between more Dungeon/action time, and more roaming space to get to explore Hyrule, or the new land? I'd persoanlly like there to be more action and more cutscenes, mainly because it's like a action movie, and I love watching them. TP stole my heart with the cutscenes and music (especially at the end between Link, Zelda, and Midna too). But I'd also love to have more roaming space out on the field when I've just completed a dungeon or compltede a side quest. I don't always want to go right back into a dungeon, but rather take my time and enjoy te land (unless the game is actually going to show signs of progressoin and the longer you take, the worse the land and people and creatures get). But yes, I do like to be able to ride around on Epona through Hyrule field in both OoT and TP. And, I wish that they would add more activities for you and Epone to do, like more horse races or gate jumping, and even being able to actually do some work around the ranch.
      But anyway,I'm someone who wants both more action and longer gameplay, and a bigger and more interesting Hyrule (or whatever the land may be called). They're both fun!

      • TheMaverickk

        The overworld needs a lot more in it in general in the next Zelda game, Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time were empty wastelands for the most part. There wasn't even grass really… just ground/grass textures… I want a more luscious over world, flowing fields, wheat fields, long grass, short grass, scattered rocks, small mountains, and forests that aren't just areas with trees that acts as walls…. valleys, rivers and so forth.

        There should be wildlife in it too, octoroks walking the land, and unique hylian creatures (creatures that aren't that aren't simply enemies).

        All these things would help make for a more epic Hyrule, something that is chock full to explore and enjoy. I don't think they should skimp on overworld, but they shouldn't be empty spaces. Then horse riding would be more enjoyable even.

        • ZeldaGurl_

          Yes Maverickk, I completely agree with you on that. I can't tell you how many time I would want to have more in detail or more ongoing side things to do when I'm not in action. And I kind of wish that the game could be almost like a Animal Crossing type game at the same time. Like you could run errands for people and get items in return. And like more horse related things like the horese racing or the gate jumping, even being able to round up the cattle and being able to have more than 2 or 3 horses with in the game. I would like to ba able to ride more than one horse at a ranch if there's one in the next game…. Imma horse freak, as well as a LoZ freak… ^_^.

          But yeah, I agree with you and what you said. Thanks for mentioning it. 😛 W00T!

  • aaron

    i hope they take their time, a good game must not be rushed (Y) CAN't WAIT ZELDA FTW

  • Sol

    I hope they are able to fix the "foot in the hill" problem…

    It bugs me worse than a useless slingshot

  • WhiteStorm

    When I think of TP, the first thing that rushes in my mind are Link, Epona, and the grass textures of hyrule field. That's my vision of the game. Damnit, Zelda Wii should have more variety of locations. But I don't care, that much anyway. It's Zelda. I can't wait to play this. Though the idea of the Master Sword spirit lady seens so damn awesome.

  • I'd really like to see just how much they will open the plot concepts here.

  • CrazyBanana

    Twilight Princess's development ended in like 2004.. Then was pushed cause of the port to the wii. So if its true the development started immediately after TP's development then they've had 6 whole years to create a new Zelda designed specifically for wii. I suppose they couldnt leave the wii console behind without making a Zelda specifically for the wii as TP was originally a GC game. So with 6 years to work with hopefully they came up with something amazing. Not to mention they still have time to work with it..

  • bladek

    OMFG!!!!!! cant wait to play this game!!!!ohhh gooddddddd this is gonna be the best of zeldas ever made?!??!? who knows! well TP was good, but i was loosing hopes cuz’ they were just creating games for DS, and that suks! what about the wii? but now my din,farore and nayru have listened to my pleas!!! yaaaay!

  • HyruleGirl14

    Yay!! This makes me so happy! ^_^ Can't wait to see the first trailer and find out what it's called.

  • dragongem777

    somebody ANYBODY PLEASE tell me is this game going to be a sequel to twilight princess!

  • dragongem777

    plz tell me this is a sequel to twilight princess SOMEBODY

    • davidjw

      nobody knows the plot or title of even gameplay of this game, the only thing they showed us was a little art of link and a mysterious spirit or something, so you're wasting your time with asking this

  • MetroidMaster

    We at least know a little of the Other M through trailors, SMG2 is probably gonna feel like a clone of the first game with new levels and harder bosses. Zelda wii doesn't even have title yet, and people are getting this hyped? I'm excited about this too, but god…chill out people. We've waited four freaking years…and twilight princess wasn't even a "wii" game, but just the gamecube version ported over to the wii.

  • MetalZelda

    EPIC WIN! This is gonna kick the xbox and the ps3 right in the ass!!!!

  • some guy named fred

    This is great! I just hope it's a hard game, I was new to video games when i got ocarina of time but it still took me the better part of 4 years….. Afterwards i beat zelda games within months and tp was really easy. Looking for a challenge as i've completed almost every zelda game 100%. I'm not sure about Changing the flow and style of my favorite franchise though.

  • Susan

    I really can not wait anymore! Always have been and always will be a Zelda player.. It's been awhile since they released TP, so they must have been starting to develop a new game right away (like they always seem to do)

    But remembering everytime a new Zelda game was about to be released, I recall it has always been this way that we had to wait for one more year than the actual release date. But it's always worth the waiting.

    Still can't get enough of the game (wondering why Zelda always needs to be rescued *sighs* She nevers learns to flee in time from Ganon(dorf)

    But anyway.. OMG a new Zelda!!!!! *waiting patiently*