The mailbag for December 23, 2009 is contained within:

James: I got some good comments about the audio mailbag, so here is this week’s. This week I am going to ramble on audio and write down text answers as well. They may not match entirely, but the idea for both is the same. Enjoy and any more comments that could help me out are very well appreciated.

ChainofTermina writes:

umm, do you, or even Jason or Cody, do any of you read gameinformer? it’s a video game magazine that recently released it’s 200 issue. and for a special 200 issue celebration they made a list of the top 200 games of all time. I tell you this because guess what made # 1. just guess. this story is most defiantly a zelda related story worthy of being mentioned here. I’m surprised it isn’t already. maybe you haven’t gotten your issues yet or don’t usually read Gameinformer. I just thought I’d let you know.

it was Zelda. The original “Legend of Zelda” for the NES is the greatest game of all time according to Gameinformer. I really don’t see how this hasn’t been reported yet.

James writes:

Kinda shocking that we didn’t post anything about this already. Since it is a month old item, I am going to see if it is still relevant to post now. I know you’re going to say that this is Zelda news regardless of how old it is.

It is also amazing that the first Zelda game has stood the test of time and and beat out the original Mario game. Amazing.

Ryan writes:

I saw you guys have video walkthroughs for Ocarina of Time and Chuggaconroy for Wind Waker, but what about Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess? If you guys want, I would be happy to do one of them, but I can’t have commentary. If you guys are interested, just send me a message.

James writes:

Actually, if you were to send a message to either Cody or Jason (I would choose Cody first) about this, they will let you know if they are working on them already. However, it could be that they aren’t and could use the help. Send us a message, it would get answered faster.

Dark Wolf writes:

Some fans of Zelda on the internet say that the girl in the picture for Wii 2 was not created in the image of the master sword and that the master sword was made in the image of her, so I thought that the next game could possibly be the first in the timeline, What do you think of this?

James writes:

That is a very interesting theory, but I still think that the game would have a better story if the girl is the Master Sword and not just a likeness. I have also heard that the game is more than likely after Twilight Princess, but I haven’t heard confirmation about that.

Teengamer writes:

Sorry that you haven’t got ST yet, Jason. I’ve already beaten it a couple times, and I KNOW that you’ll love it.

A while back there was an article about Link’s love interests in TP, and since you said in the previous mailbag that it was unclear that Link had anything close to a girlfriend, I was wondering which theory you support. Ilia, Midna, or Zelda? Just asking for your opinion, of course.

James writes:

Just to clarify, I am James and it was I who said I didn’t have the game yet. I even said my name at the beginning, but I forgive you.

As for the girlfriend, I wouldn’t think that the girlfriend is Midna, as she sends herself back to the Twilight Realm at the end of the game. Midna seems like the likely choice, because I am also one who believes the Hero of Time went with Malon in Ocarina of Time. It would be the best scenario to create a rancher like Link in Twilight Princess. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Elizabeth writes:

Can you send games to everybody and i’ll pay you

James writes:

Sure, send the money to my personal PayPal account, and we’ll hook everyone up. 😉

Hydraboxdog writes:

The Adventure of Link is often regarded as inferior to the other Zelda games, and many people go so far as to say that they hate it. I, on the other hand, regard it as an awesome game in its own right, even if it’s different from the other games. Do most people hate it just because it’s different? Or do they think it’s too difficult? Or is it something else? Also, what are your views on the game? Thanks!

James writes:

I was actually thinking on these lines the other day when I was playing Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES. It is funny to see that Nintendo took both their premiere franchises (which were still in their infancy anyway) and took them both in a different direction. Now, I know that the United States saw a completely different Super Mario Bros. 2 than the Japanese, it was still a released Mario game.

I am one of those who don’t like Zelda 2. There is just something about it that doesn’t scream Zelda to me. After playing through the entire rest of the series, it doesn’t fit in at all. Granted, there are plenty of things in that game that are seen in the rest of the games after (like magic and NPC’s that help Link), it still isn’t a Zelda game to me. Now, on the other hand, Mario 2 is one of my favorite old school Mario games, just behind Mario 3. It was a completely different, wacky adventure based on another game, it was still fun and entertaining.

Today writes:

So who is your favorite minor or non-recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series?

Personally, my favorite is Captain Linebeck from Phantom Hourglass, but that partly has to do with his epic music. 😛

James writes:

This is a very tough question, as there are MANY minor characters, but I think I would have to go with Sheik or Linebeck. Now, I know that you might argue that since Sheik is Zelda, and she is in EVERY game anyway. But, Sheik is a separate entity from Zelda and has a huge impact on the adventure the Hero of Time has. “He” guides Link around the future Hyrule and tells Link what to do and how to do it. I would have to agree with you on Linebeck as well, just because the humor he brought to the game helps the adventure along. He also is a wiseguy, which I am in life myself.

Annie writes:

I’ve never really been a big fan when it came to actually playing Zelda games, but I love watching them. I recently bought Spirit Tracks, and I thought the second boss battle was the hardest thing I had ever had to do in a video game. And while reading throught the walkthrough, I learned that later bosses get much, much harder. Yikes. So, my question is, which do you think the easiest Zelda game is?

James writes:

Wow, that is a very hard question to answer. All the games have their degree of difficulty to them and I don’t know how to rate the easiest. I think Wind Waker is one of the easier games in the series, because of its length and the bosses aren’t that difficult, in my opinion. The next one up from that would probably be the Game Boy games, Link’s Awakening and the Oracle Games. The harder games are probably the original game (not the hardest, but up there), the second game, and Majora Mask (just because of the length of the sidequests, the time factor, but not the bosses).

potato writes:

I think that the Zelda games are great (all of them) but my 2 brothers hate the Zelda games and never come up with good reasons why. I want to know if its even possible to get them to like it.

James writes:

Probably not. Just think of all the games that you don’t like that they probably do like. You may not have any good reasons why you don’t, except that you don’t. It is just a opinion they have and Zelda games don’t interest them the way that Call of Duty probably does (I say CoD because everyone seems to like those games).

jake teague writes:

please renew Zelda the Orcaine of Time to the Wii or any other game consol. it was the greatest of all time !!!

James writes:

It is one of the greatest of all time, but there are currently four different versions of the game out there. If you don’t believe me:

Check this out, you might enjoy it.

Mark writes:

Do you think we’ll ever see Master Quest on the Virtual Console? Aside from the Oracle games, its the only mainstream zelda I’ve never played and I would really like to.

James writes:

Unfortunately, I think that Ocarina of Time: Master Quest disc you saw when they gave it away as a promotional thing is the only time you’ll see the game in America. However, you could try and get lucky and find it over at either eBay or possibly a Gamestop in your area. Even better is you’ll probably find it cheap.