In an interview with Edge Online, Eiji Aonuma discusses what made Twilight Princess so epic, and what the Zelda team is doing about the scale of Zelda Wii. He also mentions his regrets about Twilight Princess’s development, and how they were not able to create the most perfect world to represent Hyrule given the constraints and challenges of creating a photo-realistic environment.

You can check out the Edge’s interview here!

  • james

    I'm not sure what he is talking about when he says proportions. Does he actually means the size of the character to the word or other characters. If that's the case then what's the big problem with that i don't get it?

  • Steve

    I think what he's saying is that with a cartoony game like spirit tracks pretty much anything goes, but with a more realistic game it's a lot harder to incorporate some idea and have those ideas not seem out of place.

  • Siaarn

    Zelda Wii is sounding more epic every day, it's a shame we're probably gonna have to wait so long for it.

  • Curly Q

    Thank you for explaining that Steve. I really didn't get at first until I read some of the comments. Since they are making a Zelda wii, I have a couple of good ideas for the game.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Now that Mr. Aonuma has really come out to explain the situation with TP, I think many more people will understand just what all went wrong with the production in TP. Personally I loved the game, maybe not so much for it's level of difficulty, but for the freshness in graphics, its depth of music (even it wasn't orchestrated like we would like), its new roster of characters, and for it's overall feeling. Don't get me wrong, I love the other games, it's just that with tWW, I couldn't take it seriously with the graphics and with the facial expressions of the characters. And, to me, I wish the end of the game could have gone on a little bit more, just to wrap up the end and give me a sense of victory.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Before TP came along, OoT was my all-time favorite game, which now it's a tie between the two. I loved how it set a whole new standard for the gaming world, and how set apart it was from all of the other games. I loved the way they learned how to get past the realm of making 2D games, and onto the 3D. And, one of the biggest things for me was that there was actually a game that I could have a deep story line and yet be able to have the freedom to travel on horseback. Being such a fan of video games as well as horses, I think that I fell in love with the series so much because Miyamoto and his team had enough thought into this series to actually have Epona as your trust steed to ride into battle with. And then when TP came along, I wasn't so much looking for a " whole new and diverse Zelda", I was looking for something that had a story line that I could grab onto and let it take me for an adventure, no matter how different and diverse it seemed.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Here's even more…,

    To me, it seemed like a more in-depth, and more detailed OoT. Not to be mistaken as a copy-cat, but almost like another side to the story, kinda like what they did to the movie " The Stephord Wives". The second made movie was almost the exact same as the first movie, as far as the characters and events, but they added a few tweeks here and there to make it better, and then at the end, it added on from where the first one ended, giving you a second side to the story. And sure, TP didn't seem hard, but that's because it wasn't anything new. I think that we all have to realize that there is going to come a day that there isn't going to be an idea that hasn't been done or done like before.

  • ZeldaGurl_


    Creativity is the key to diveristy, but all in all, it's all a chain. Infact you know what I think we're all missing here for TP? We're overe here looking for a new and diverse system of story events and difficluty when really, what was new was the proportions. I really do respect them seeing what a great job they did to create the photo-realistic world, and now that they have got the tools to move on and build on top of their experiences with TP, I think that Zelda Wii is definetly going to be a winner. I hope people really can understand what happened with TP, and they will see what new and fresh things came out of it. And the proportions of this game are really awesome, and I'm sorry that we (not me) were all too busy bashing the other parts of the game when that's not what we were supposed to look at.
    So I think that we can all now say that TP was new and fresh in a way. It might not have been the way some of us were hoping, but hey think about it this way… Because of OoT, tWW, and TP, we are going to have ourselves one beastly Zelda Wii!!! W00T!!!