Have you been following along with development of ZU’s Spirit Tracks walkthrough? It’s updated every day with a new section – and now it’s been updated to cover everything up to the beginning of the second dungeon, the Snow Temple.

Our favorite webmaster, Cody, is also beginning to go through the walkthrough to add helpful images that will make getting through the tough parts of Spirit Tracks even easier, so start to watch out for those – and continue checking back every day for updates to ZU’s Spirit Tracks content!

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  • cool!

    There's a the charity gaming website called http://www.extralives.org which you guys should feature.

    Guys who play video games continuously for days in order to raise money to charity (video game marathons).

    This month is Legend of Zelda with a CDi raffle (Dec 30 @ 12PM EST). If interested there's more info on their site. All the money raised during this Marathon goes to the charity, Free the Children. It provides education and healthcare to children in developing countries.
    just check it out.


  • jim

    Is there a trick to playing the duet with Steem? I have been struggling for over an hour with it and even when I nail the four notes he still tells me i'm improvising too much.