Online television site Hulu – probably the biggest name in licensed streaming TV shows – has added a very special show to their extensive lineup: The Legend of Zelda, the cartoon series! You can now watch all thirteen episodes – and every instance of Link saying “excuuuuuse me, princess!” – on Hulu’s site right now.

We’ll also be incorporating Hulu links into our own page about the cartoon series, so that you can find the episodes anytime you like.

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  • Waterwraith

    Wow. Just wow. I wonder what lengths they went to to get this….

  • dan banan

    booo! only available in the usa.

  • Violet

    I'm fed up of streaming videos that are basically a big middle finger to anyone living outside the United States.

  • I think this is my cue to sell the DVD set.

  • ChainofTermina




  • Scott


  • Z-MAN7

    Link: "Hey I'm on Hulu, guess that's worth a kiss, huh princess?"

    Zelda: *slap*

  • Edracon

    I'll never understand why Link acts how he does in the cartoon…. it's just so random compared to how he was supposed to be in the game. (Note: SUPPOSED does not me IS)

  • zeldafanforlife

    Take the link down its not right no self respecting fan of the Zelda series would ever be caught dead watching that . Who ever dose is not a true fan that cartoon makes link look like a jackass.

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