“So we had originally three temples which would capture the young Link, three temples for the adult Link and three in which he was to learn each spell – but instead we eliminated a temple of it. For the final game it was 3 plus 3 plus 2, or 8 temples to find.”

Zelda Director Eiji Aonuma has once again come forth with new information about the Zelda series, though this time his focus was Ocarina of Time.

In an interview with German website VideoGameZone, he explained that a temple was actually cut out of the game, and that Link was originally meant to learn three magic spells in the corresponding final three dungeons.

There really is a difference between the temples which we wanted to integrate and those that exist in the final game. And that had something to do with magic. We thought of integrating some actions, some plot threads, and some puzzles that have something to do with magic abilities. We came to the conclusion that other, already existing, just regular items were a worthy replacement.”

If you want to read the rest of it you can go here, though be warned that it is a Google translation of a page originally written in German, so the grammar and sentence structure can be a bit messed up at times.

There really is a difference between the temples, which we wanted to integrate and those that exist in the final game. And that had something to do with magic. We thought of integrating some actions, some plot threads, and some puzzles that have something to do with magic abilities. We have come to the conclusion that other, already existing, just regular items to be a worthy replacement.
  • Ken

    First, now i'll go read lol.

  • TheMaverickk

    That was cool to learn. Obviously there was a lot of stuff moved around and changed. The stuff about a Wind dungeon and Ice dungeon were the coolest though to learn about.

    I always felt that the Ice Cavern was a bit odd in the sense that it wasn't much of a dungeon despite it having a compass and map. I can't remember if the Bottom of the Well had a compass and map even. Probably did but just don't remember.

    I wonder what the 9th Dungeon would've been though.

  • crazyfreak

    It's a six paged interview with Aonuma about OOt o_o holy shit!

  • Labrynian Rebel

    I bet the three spells were Farore's Wind, Din's Fire and Nayru's Love, and once their respective dungeons were cancled they were thrown in with the Great Fairys

  • crazyfreak

    Okay so I translated the german in to dutch, and it explains basically that they replaced the magic spells Adult Link was going to learn in the three temples into the items he used in Oot. They thought the items were a better use then the magic spells… But man I can't until this interview comes out! =D

  • ChainofTermina

    I wanna play that dungeon! I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA!!!!

    the 9th dungeon's theme should be obvious: the Light Temple. there WAS a light Medallion, the only one you didn't have to go to a temple to get. and when you turn on the game and pick your save file, the light Medallion is all the way at the end, almost as if you were supposed to get it last.

    I want to play the Light Dungeon! they should've put that in the Master Quest, or something. I wanna play it!!

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually now that it's been brought up I bet your right about the 9th dungeon to have been the Light Temple. I mean it's the only medallion you don't have to work for and is a temple which got re-used in a later game.

      I mean put it this way, we do get to visit the light temple essentially in Twilight Princess. Link goes back in Time to the Temple of Time and in the "Temple of Time" dungeon you see the Light Medallion symbol on everything and everywhere.

      This would fit in with the trend that dungeons and ideas that weren't used in OoT have been used in other Zelda games. Like the Wind Dungeon which features Fado as a Sage, and although Wind themed requires a lot of use of the Deku Leaf and has a very forest vibe.

      Also interesting to note is the fact that it mentions the last 3 dungeons were going to feature spells. Yet instead there were no spells/spell items to be earned in any of the dungeons. I wonder if the 3 spell dungeons were going to each have a Magic arrow in it…. since there's a fire arrow, ice arrow and light arrow in the game. Each of which is kind of given out in odd places where it doesn't fit.

      Although the Light arrows are given to you in the Temple of Time by Zelda… I wonder if originally you had to go into the depths of the Light Temple to retrieve the magic arrows before your fight with Ganondorf, and then upon leaving the Temple of Light and meeting with Zelda finally, then she would be kidnapped. It just doesn't make sense why of all places Sheik reveals herself to be Zelda within the Temple of Time, which is the closest place to Ganondorfs Tower…. despite the fact that she could've revealed herself outside the Spirit Temple or anywhere else far out of Ganondorfs view or reach.

      Just my own theory to go with this news… also note that the idea of having 3 temples with Magic Arrows was done in Majora's Mask…… perhaps the recycled idea from OoT of having 3 Magic themed dungeons.

  • I really wonder if that can in the Zelda 64 beta restauration?

  • james

    How do i see the article, i go to the site and i see an article but not the OOT article

  • brian

    Their idiots for cutting out the light temple. It would have been an awesome to have especially if thats where you could aquire the light arrows. It would have been much more fun that way rather than zelda just giving them to you which is stupid. Alot of work should be required to recieve an item like that.

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