Will Zelda Wii change our perception of Zelda forever?

Will Zelda Wii change our perception of Zelda forever?

You can say a lot by saying very little. In this instance, Eiji Aonuma, speaking with IGN, has stated that Zelda Wii will build on the foundation that Twilight Princess set forth. According to Aonuma, Twilight Princess didn’t “fully complete [their] objective” of creating the most realistic and immersive Zelda experience ever – so Zelda Wii will take what they’ve built in Twilight Princess and adapt it for a more realistic playing experience.

What does this mean? Zelda Wii is on track to be one of the more innovative – if not the most innovative – Zelda game in the series, by perhaps becoming that singular Zelda title Nintendo has mentioned will change the way we view our beloved series.

We already know that Zelda Wii will utilize the MotionPlus accessory for sword fighting, but what else does Nintendo have up its sleeve? Only time will tell.

Source: IGN (Thanks to silver-hero for the tip!)
  • This makes me feel better about Zelda WIi, I feel like this will be even better than Twilight Princess. I'm just still worried that it will be too different, but hopefully we can put our trust in Aonuma and Miyamoto, and they will produce gold. Bringing back old elements and awesome all new ones. Here's hoping!

  • Chris

    I hope this doesn't mean new zelda is just using same engine as TP with few higher res textures and so on with motionplus tacked on.

    • Phantom7

      They're changing it up MUCH more than that. They've already announced it. The way the game plays is going to play differently, and it won't be another "OoT remake".

  • Moppen

    I don't know if I'm dissappointed about this or happy. TP had a bit less personality than the previous games, but to me, it's got kind of a "alttp" feel, but that was overshadowed by a entertaning but gray gameplay experience. Run around in Hyrule field Faron/Lanayru province and keep Hyrule castle in sight, then visit a dungeon, and you should know what I mean.

  • I am so happy to hear that they're building up from TP. TP was by far my fav game in the series – it had a beautiful environment, great Character Development, and a strong plot to keep you motivated to play the game. I'm excited for this game!

  • GenoKID

    Let's just hope they don't treat Link as they did in TP. I prefer that no one looks up to him, as he's unsuspecting. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Toon Link is better.

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Hey, Link and TP may have been unsuspecting, but everybody else was too. Don't want to sound corny, but hey, he's the only one capable of saving them, and it's how he reacts to the things he's caught off guard by that makes them look up to him. Toon Link was O.K., but come on, Link can't be a boy forever. In TP, he was supposed to be a young man, thought to be next in line to take on the responsibility of watching Ordon. He is the Hero of Time (and all the other names) for Pete's sake, they should look up to him. He doesn't have to be a big, gloating dude in order to be looked up to. He's humble, and he cares about the people, even if TP did do a so-so job on showing his emotions.

      What I'm trying to say is, they look up to him because he reacts the right way. Toon Link was O.K., but being in the back ground as some kid doesn't really motivate the player. If you have a high reputation, wouldn't you want to hold it up?

      Anyway, that's just my thought, I do see your point though.

      • GenoKID

        True, the main thing I liked about TP Link; though they all looked up to him (and worse, the way he was advertised), he never really cared. HE had the same personality. You speak truly, however.

    • ChainofTermina

      what's that supposed to mean? Toon Link is my 2nd favorite version of Link, 1st being OoT version

  • I hope the game won't be too realistic.
    I would like though, if the world they are talking about, is like the Jak and Daxter world. No loading screens, decent graphics, and more playability! I'd like to run on roof tops, as a zelda character please!

  • This makes me happy.
    And remember folks, Ocarina of Time was basically this to Majora's Mask, in terms of a "starting point". (and MM is, in my opinion, the best game of the franchise) Here, here!

  • ZeldaGurl_

    There, you guys listen to Jeffrey, he's right. They're are basically going to make up for what mistakes they made with TP. Doesn't mean that the story line or the characters are coming back, but they are going to use the tools that TP showed them what and what not to do. I personally can't wait, mainly because I did like TP, for the most part, and if Zelda Wii is going to be built on the info and tools that they had tried to put into TP, then I'm going to love it even more. I'm also excited to hear the music, I LOVED TP's music, especially the new ones like Midna's theme or Don't Want You No More. Oh, and also I can't wait to see the new Link and Princess Zelda!!!

    By the Way, Zelda is a blond, no matter what! Her hair in TP was not brown but dirty-blond. SSBB, took it to the extreme, so I hope they didn't listen to anybody and change her look. If we all love OoT so much, then lets keep her hair Blond. Lol, just thought that I'd add that, but it is a big deal, we need more kick-butt blond princesses, Peach is cool, but come on, Zelda is more than a piece of bait. And, if she is going to be Sheik, that's even more of a reason why.
    I probably should've added that to my entry in what I wanted to see in the new Zelda Wii, lol.

    Anyway, ya I agree with Jeffrey…

  • ChainofTermina

    I want people to, you know, be people! I think they should have feelings and opinions on the goings ons of Hyrule. I also wanna TALK to them! more than half of the Castle Town residents from TP didn't say a frickn thing! and more people fighting back! yeah, there was a small gang of….Freedom Fighters I guess would be the right word, in TP, but I think there should be more people, and they should do more. Telma's bar Gang didn't really do anything, they just looked at stuff.
    I think Link should, I don't know, join the Hylian army or something. that would be AWESOME!!

    Also , yeah, kinda like what Melon Piranha said, I want an over world like in Assassin's Creed, or Oblivion and Fallout 3. I think that's called a "sandbox" right? give Zelda a sandbox overworld!

  • Arkamidis

    I also agree with Jeffrey and ZeldaGurl_. I for one, favor Twilight Princess over all the other games becuase of its graphics/textures/lighting and all the good stuff. Especially its soundrack- Gerudo Desert is my favorite track 🙂 They've been working on Zelda Wii since the release of the Wii itself(or so I've read). TP was originally for GCN and was formatted to Wii. So yes, they've looked upon what TP was un/able to do and are building upon that info on a new engine. Not saying that the wolrds or characters will be alike, but greatly improved in many ways. Link is an adult in Zelda Wii (refer to poster. looks like hes ot chin hairs lol.) So it will have a different fell yet adventerous and hopefully a darker than the other story lines. I know for sure it will be golden. We just gott wait for E3.

  • Arkamidis


  • ChainofTermina

    you know in TP Zelda was wearing boots. Not dainty, fragile, uncomfortable girly high heels, but flat footed leather boots. I just, want to say that and how totally awesome that was. They should do that forever now

  • Arkamidis

    Assasin's Creed was awesome!!! Having Link do a couple of stunts like Altair does would be just as stunning. And to have an overworld as big Oblivion, Fallout 3 or Assasin's Creed for Zelda would be epic! (There were many times while playin Assassin's Creed that I imagined Altair in Links colors.) But one could only imagine…

    • ChainofTermina

      actually, in Assassin's Creed 2, you can change the color of you out fit, and there is a green one. They're still the same clothes, just a different color.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Yup, yup, yup!!

  • SereneZelda

    I agree with Calliope. I loved OoT and then MM came along and instantly became my favorite. I also loved TP, so I really think that this new one will be great if it does the same thing as MM did. It had the same look and feel, but was somehow just even better. I also think the new features of the Wii Motion Plus will be awesome and allow for the player to feel more in the game.

  • WotS

    Really? Didn’t he just get done saying they were trying too hard to channel OoT? So, instead, he’s trying to channel TP? I guess that’s a better idea, in theory, considering OoT’s beauty comes mainly from nostalgia. But why channel anything at all? They should ditch pretty much everything that Zelda has come to represent and go back to bare bones.

    Miyamoto once said he envisioned Zelda as embodying the awe and mystery of wandering into a cave as a child; stepping into the dark where no person has set foot, to satisfy that deep, powerful need to fall into the black and witness the unknown. I think Miyamoto’s vision was most beautifully represented at the beginning of Majora’s Mask. After being mugged, Link finds himself flying in a mad panic through an unfamiliar forest, and before he knows it, he enters a strange cave while time twists and bends around him. He has no idea what terror and wonder waits on the other side. It’s a surreal experience that hits me every time I replay it.

    Majora’s Mask is still my favorite because it took only what was necessary from the other games. The rest was rich, unique. Eiji needs to stop worrying so much about perfecting past Zelda’s and start making new Zelda’s.

  • Emily

    The whistles go WOooooOooooooOo

  • WotS


    IGN may be funny and clever, but they have no vision, so I can see them skewing the interview. I hope you're right, because I don't want them trying to perfect TP. Another game with the fresh vision of Majora's Mask would be terrific. Hell, ditch Zelda and G-dorf altogether. Give us something we haven't seen before.

    Oh, and next time they bring Zelda back for a gritty Zelda game, they should make her kick ass. I'm tired of her being the helpless chick whose everything is stolen away until you go and rescue her. Sure, she partakes in the final battle, but that's not enough. I want to see her be proactive for once. Spirit Tracks toyed with this, but they've essentially made Zelda the main character. Maybe it'll work, I don't know. What I'm saying is that I want Zelda to be in Link's "party", so to speak. But that's another discussion altogether.

  • GenoKID

    "An immersive world"…. I think the greatest way to improve from that is to not make Hyrule Castle a vantage point to… everywhere. It does give the world a smaller appearance. If they made landmarks vanish faster, like TWW. It doesn't really add the size, but it FEELS bigger.

  • DarkStar

    TP was by far one of the greatest Zelda games made, next to OOT. It's soundtrack was amazing and graphics were intense. It's about time they have a fully grown Adult Link, instead of the child and teenage Links in the past games.

    I can't wait for Zelda WII!

  • Jeffrey

    I really think people are taking this quote and analyzing it incorrectly. Aunoma doesn't say that Zelda Wii will build upon what existed already in TP. That's IGN summarization. What he says is that they wanted to build an immersive world and that TP didn't do it the way they wanted. So, they will use that immersive world component as a starting point for Zelda Wii. They're not taking TP and using it for anything. That's not what's being said by Aunoma…just IGN.

  • Apollo

    You're a little late with this one.

  • The Power of Three

    I most excited to hear that Wii Sport Resort had given Nintendo a ton of money to be able to use the full Wii MotionPlus. I knew it would work, but am glad to hear the I was correct! Anyway, I sure hope that this one will turn out to be a better rating Legend of Zelda game just like Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Then again, I hope they don't because I remember reading in one quote, that he will never stop making Legend of Zelda till he makes a game as good as Ocarina of Time. We'll just have to see what the next game brings us.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    I know, when I saw that, I was like OH YEAH SHE'S A SEXY KICK BUTT PRINCESS!! I wasn't surprised though cause remember on OoT where the stone said that despite her appearance, Zelda was actually a tom boy? I was like OH YEAH GO ZELDA!!!!

    • ChainofTermina

      yeah….its too bad that the only times she ever wears pants is when she doesn't know she's Zelda, WE don't know she's Zelda, or when she's in a crappy cartoon opposite a douchebag who stole Links clothes. "Well excuuuu- NO! No, you are NOT excused!"

  • BaTTaLioN_CHaoS

    I loved the setting and the atmosphere in TP but one thing that I was very dissapointed about was that in TP There are but few original bosses the rest lokks like they have been recycled from the past 3D games.
    even Stallord who was one of the more original felt like he was based of Goth (from MM). So that would be my biggest hope, original bosses.

    Though I think there is a chance that they do built more upon the story of TP with the shattered T-mirror and all, almost felt like a half open ending

  • Cameron

    I think a new final boss that's not Ganondorf would be nice, but what I would really want to see is Vaati in a 3D Zelda game. I'd also like to add that I, too, would like to see Zelda play a more proactive role in the games, because I'm personally sick and tired of the whole kidnapping scheme.

  • LuX

    I hope people are right and they aren't building on TP, because essentially thats building on OoT AGAIN!!! Now I love OoT, dont get me wrong. but we've had that its had its time, why is Anouma so (seemingly) caught up with OoT, through these interviews he talks about it alot his regrets wishes hopes all come down to OoT and he needs to forget it move on OoT isn't a target to beat or to improve upon, Zelda needs a new calling like the shift from 2-D to 3-D….I don't know what that shift is or should be, but Zelda needs it maybe not now but eventually that shift needs to come.

  • Deku_Link530

    so is it sad that I am not that excited yet about this? I was actually disappointed with TP and the more I look at other games in comparison to the Zelda series I see great changes. I don't know I feel like Zelda has gotten stale. Don't get me wrong I've been a zelda fan since I was 10 and I gotta say I LOVE the series more then any other. But if they continue to create games like TP I don't know how much longer I will be a fan.

    TP in my opinion brought nothing new. It used the wii-mote as it should have, nothing really inovative. It worked just like any 10 year old game enthusiast would think to use it. AKA swing when sword, pull back when bow. I understand this is the obvious root, but I must say, they are nintendo they could have thought of some items that just made you do crazy things with the wii-mote. Shrugs Idk I just don't see them making any real leaps in gameplay with this new game, I REALLY REALLY hope they do, but I'm not going to be suprised if the Wii-motion plus sword control is it, and that won't even be that great…

  • Lightbringer

    I think that they need more people to populate Hyrule. What if Hyrule was like 3x bigger, and not so open so you can see all the major landmarks at once? Some small settlements/villages in a cave, or on a field/meadow. Or in a small forest! How about an actual forest? not one where its just a forest-like wall. (OOT lost woods!) an actual forest where you can walk in and out without loading. one where there are actual trees. A forest where you CAN get lost in it if you lose sight of where you entered. Some more settlements other than Kakariko and Castle Town, SOOOO overused! there are like no people in Hyrule! Lame! how about people that would wander Hyrule fields? some kid and his dad flying a kite (lame i know, but u get the idea, right?) and a day and night scheme with different enemies at different times.

  • Guill

    Seriously thinking if the new Zelda for Wii is forth buying since it has the motion based sword fighting. I just can't get along with that. And all this "will change the way we view our beloved series" just gives me a bad bad feeling.

  • Justin Basl

    Well, playing TP, the game often made suggestions that link could go to the darker side. Remember in those cut scenes when Link had those white eyes and looked very sinister? Could there perhaps be a choice of making good and bad decisions, when playing Link, in the next game? Kinda like in Fable? You can choose to do good deeds or bad deeds, depending on the players decision. I think thats what Aonuma is trying to hint at.

    Personally, I think that would be a great zelda game. Think about it, it would give more dimension as Link the character. That way, Link would be able to show his personality more, without him having to talk. Everyone would be satisfied.

    Ohh I hope so….

  • Mere

    I agree with Justin above. Evil Link for the win! That would be an exciting new game. Bringing Link back from the dark side would be so cool.

  • Jjae

    I'm looking forward to Zelda Wii,
    Twilight Princess was pretty enjoyable for me. It brought a realistic dimension to
    my gameplay, and Ocarina of Time was on of my most favourite in the Zelda Series. I was thinking it would be really cool if they made Link with a bit more freedom… ummm, Sort of Like Assassin's Creed. You can jump on house tops, or in Zelda grapple from house to house, and be able to jump whenever you want, and having different modes of movement such as Walking, Running, Sprinting, Rolling Lol, or like ehh You get where Im Coming From.

    Anyway Im Really looking forward to this.