Welcome to ZU’s latest Bank of Hyrule contest!

Wow, who knew that we’d be holding another contest just in time for Spirit Tracks’s release? We didn’t! (Actually, we did.) The good folks at GameYeeeah.com – a video game accessories store – are sponsoring our latest Bank of Hyrule contest.

But we figured we’d switch things up a bit for this contest. This time we are going to run it on the forums! If you haven’t done so already, you can join the forums here.

The Prize

We’re giving away one (1) refurbished DS Lite to the winner of this contest. GameYeeeah is being gracious enough to provide it, so the winner will be able to get it from them – anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in joining the contest, all you have to do is respond to this thread with your idea for the future of technology in Zelda. The thread also details the rules and conditions.

If you want to see more contests like these, feel free to donate to the Bank of Hyrule so that we can afford to fund more contests. Until then, enjoy this one, courtesy of GameYeeeah.