With Spirit Tracks just around the corner, more and more videos seem to be springing up online everyday. GoNintendo has recorded 10 minutes of Spirit Tracks gameplay footage – more specifically, the footage of Link’s journey to meet the Lokomo Sage of the Forest Sanctuary.

Be warned, as this video contains tutorials on how to solve some of the puzzles.

  • Xepherys

    Interesting. As if i didnt already look crazy tapping on the DS now im blowing into an inadimate object in tune. What will Zelda games have us do next…

  • sizednochi

    Oh, wait. TWO FILES? TWO FREAKING FILES? WHAT THE HELL! Now THAT'S revolutionary ¬¬

  • TnzSki

    I really like the music in the forest sanctuary. It seems like this game is going to have really good music.

  • Today

    Oh no, cracked rocks. That means bombs. ;_;

    • BigGoronSword

      Well we've seen bomb flowers in the vid, in the Multiplayer Battle, and on some official art. I guess this is Nintendo's way of saying "Hey, we rarely needed Bombs in PH, so really, all we need to do is set up bomb flowers in puzzles that may require them". With all these bomb flowers laying about, maybe we'll get Bombchus instead of regular Bombs (it would make gaming a little more interesting in the dungeons if you have to control a phantom zelda, yourself, and the robotic mouse).

      • ChainofTermina

        i think you would just draw the bombchu's path.

  • Quill

    That Lokomo song is really, really great!

  • jwalraven

    I see a cucco! 😀

  • Labrynian Rebel

    Yeah, MM and PH only had two files too, so this is how it works in my household:

    "One file for me, and you other three can share the second one okay?"


    "Hey I bought the game, I make the rule!" >:)

    • Guest

      That's actually quite funny and I should do that, too! lol

  • King KK

    The person playing this must not be very good. I see him sucking(and blowing) at every turn. xD

  • GavenRocker

    I tried pacticing on my DS the way the flute will be played along with the song. I know I'm going to have timing issues too

  • ChainofTermina

    I swear, the next version of the DS isn't even gonna HAVE a d-pad. wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

    Stampbook? what the hell?

    "well, there is a way! would you like to hear it?" Nah…I'll just stand here forever

    dear lord…..the pipes……that game mechanic is gonna BLOW! OH YES, I SAID THAT!

  • Why does this have to look so identical to phantom hourglass? The only thing I can say I like about this forest stage is the music. The cracked rocks, the bomb flowers? havent we seen this already?

  • Linkfan101

    No! No! No! No! It’s to hard!!!! Wah! Wow… that looks SO hard….

  • Linkfan101

    I know what Link was thinking when it said, " You completed the duet with Gage, the Lokomo of the Forest Realm!" Link: " I finally learned how to play this crappy thing!"