We’ve updated our Spirit Tracks information on the Characters, Items/Equipment, Enemies, Bosses, & Videos and Trailers pages with all the new information that fell upon our feet in the past two weeks from trailers, game play videos, commercials, and articles throughout the net.

It’s better to get caught up now before we’re flooded with even more information when the game actually gets released. We also were able to sneak in a new official art of Niko in the Spirit Tracks Gallery. Enjoy all the new swag!

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  • Pandora21

    lol! Nikos an old man go Niko show them what your made of!

    i always did like Niko

  • MetroidMaster

    Merr, enough about ST I want zelda wii! *holds up a sign on a stick* XP

  • Curly Q

    Cool beans!