As some of you may or may not know, today is Shigeru Miyamoto’s 57th Birthday! Without him, Nintendo wouldn’t be as successful as it is today, and ZU wouldn’t even exist without his contribution to the gaming community. So I made this post  in honor of the “Father of Gaming”, that he may have a long and fruitful life, as he has enriched ours with his.

  • ultimatekaiser

    Indeed this is true. I thank you for posting this, and I agree wholeheartedly that he deserves every bit of our respect and thanks for all he has done for us.

    Happy Birthday to you Shigeru Miyamoto.

  • Fulcon

    Happy B-day, Mr. Miyamoto! 😀

    Without you, I'd not be the gamer that I am today.

  • enayru

    OH YEAH!!!!


  • Scott

    Happy Birthday Miyamoto 🙂

  • God of the Tri-force

    WOOOOOT Happy B-Day Mr. Miyamoto ^_^, without you I would of never ever heard of Zelda ^ ^

  • Vonnick

    Love you dad!

  • ChainofTermina

    woah, your right. he ages doesn't he. I never thought of Miyamoto as a mortal man. well, to another 30 years of awesomeness, Miyamoto san

  • Brice

    The best way to say this is with a quote from Frost the ?Snowman himself.


  • WolfLink776

    WOW Happy Birthday to the father of the best games ever made!!

  • Link879

    Happy B-day, Mr. Miyamoto! ^ ^

  • miguelink



  • WOOT! happy birthday ^_^

  • Average Gamer

    Happy Birthday Shigeru Miyamoto. Thank you for your great works.

  • Happy birthday, Miyamoto! Without you, modern gaming as we know it would not exist.

  • STUFF2o

    Long live Shigeru Miyamoto! Wouldn't it be cool if he actually read these?

  • nayrugoddessofwisdom

    Happy Birthday Shigeru Miyamoto!!! *balloons fall from the ceiling* YAY!

  • zoraluigi

    Happy Birthday Daddy!

  • Sage Robert

    Happy B-Day! Mr. Miyamoto!!!


    Happy Birthday Mr. God amongst men.

  • The Khaion

    Omg I missed dad's birthday! D:

  • Davykong90

    belated happy birthday to the creator of the best game series ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Conrad

    Happy Birthday Mr. Miyamoto! I hope the fact that you are loved and respected by millions of fans and the gaming industry's best is enough of a birthday gift.Please, don't let your legacy be tainted by the ruining of your hero. Let Link keep his silence, and leave the voice acting for a character who needs it.

  • Sazdx

    Happy Birthday Mr. Miyamoto, even if its a bit late, but still, I hope that you have a great birthday back in Japan. also, THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH AWESOME VIDEOGAMES, WE FANS TRULY APPRECIATE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS!
    Thank you! ^^.

  • Bob

    Happy B-day! I also happen to have the same birthday (LOL).