We now have some more official artwork, which shows some characters that were unable to see completely in the trailer, and even one character that we’ve never seen before.

Source: Neogaf
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  • Cereal

    The trains must be boss battles, and that guy looks to function as sort of Linebeck 2.

  • Ginger

    The last train is just ridiculous… who thought that would be a good idea??

    • DudeOfDudes

      You suck! Ganon-looking Trains are even cooler than the Trains themselves!

  • Teengamer

    Interesting. I like how Link's a train apprentice for Alfonzo. 🙂

    • Zogiru

      I thought it was Gonzo…

  • Guest

    The last one appeared in a trailer. We may have actually seen all of them.

  • Pandora21

    evil trains thats actually really weird even though we saw the last one in the trailer
    but it makes sense

  • TriforceWisdom

    The other guy in the first picture looks like one of the pirates in WW and PH…

    • Peter

      Yeah, he is most likely(if not certainly) a new form of Gonzo.

  • Alek2789

    I believe the trains are to represent the gods.

  • Chibidin

    I really hope those trains are not boss battles lol maybe just new armor/look for Links train

    • DudeOfDudes

      Obviously the last one isnt because it attacks Link and Zelda during the new trailer Nintendo released…The first three might, tho the third looks more like an enemy…

  • loz

    the guy on the first image, looks like the pirate guy from wind waker. (must have been related or something)

  • Juri238

    ooh that tatoo creeping out of the first picture guy's chest looks interesting…
    wonder if its foreshadowing some sort of bigger importance with him….
    you know,how tetra was actually *gasp*.Sorry no spoilers.But anyhow yeah,he might be important…
    Also how Midna was actually *gasp*.Haha

  • Ivysaurusz

    Notice the Eyes on the side of the Demon King… My guess is the ifna battle against him is you on a train riding along side him, and using the canon to shoot the eyes, resulting in a chance to attack him someplace else, kill him, or move on to another phase.

    • Eric

      Good ol' Zelda: "AN EYE! SHOOT IT!!!"

    • Link Master

      I don't think Nintendo would show pictures of the Demon King this early so the Demon King might not be a train. He could be riding that train though. I'm guessing you have to destroy the Demon King's train then fight him swordsman to swordsman.

  • NaNoBeAt

    the last train looks like ganondorf reborn in the from of a train

  • Z?

    I thought two things:

    "Transformers 3: The Decepticons Return as Trains"

    • zoraluigi

      *Flies a ROFLcopter past an erupting LOLcano*

  • Lianan

    Aww little Wind Waker style Link looks sooo cute in his conductor outfit!! haha.. Sorry I had a definete FanGirl moment lol.. But the tattoo the guy in the first picture has looks like the one the guy who makes the Phantom Sword for Link in Phantom Hourglass (I forget his name) has..
    And NaNoBeAt, I think you’re right, it does look like Ganondorf as a train, but if that’s what Nintendo was going for, well, they defintely have been scraping the bottom of the barrel.. And Ivysaurusz has a good idea too.. But I still haven’t gotten why there are trains in Hyrule in the first place anyway..

    • DudeOfDudes

      If WoW has trains, TLoZ gets them, too! The Circle of Awesomeness!


    nintendo has almost used every vehicle for zelda
    they just need plane and car LOOL

  • I was wondering what that next to last train was, and GLEE! my favorite pirate buddy from wind waker!

    • DudeOfDudes

      That's NOT a pirate from TWW…it COULD be a descendant!, and possibly ends sentences with ',yeah?'…or was that a different pirate…? I can't remember…im sure it was Gonzo

  • Curly Q

    isn't the pirates name Gonzo or Alfonzo?

  • ChainofTermina

    okay first of all, the pirate from WW is gonzo, this new person is Alfonzo. the similarities in appearance and rhyming names obviously means that Alfonzo is descended from Gonzo, just as Zelda is descended from Tetra. and no, this Link is not a descendant of WW Link because it was so obvious that WW Link and Tetra would wind up "together" and so technically speaking, ST Zelda is also a descendant of WW Link. Man Zelda family trees are confusing…..

    I think that small blue train is an enemy you'll face on the tracks. Not a boss, just an enemy. And I'm starting to agree that that "ghost train" is actually the main villain.

  • LOZfanboy44

    The train in the third picture(I call it the Phantom Train) looks like a main boss. Although, he looks like Thomas the Tank Engine got a complaint from his leader, then went on sreoids, he looks intimidating to me. Annnnnnnnd, whats the third picture suposed to be and why is there vol in the back of the Spirit Train(Second Picture)?

  • chicken


    The guy standing next to the train is Cole. It makes sense because its a COLE train

  • The Power of Three

    Anyway, those screen shots look interesting. It makes this game seem different then I had expected. I can't wait for this game. I have really high hopes for the train system judging by the pictures, so I'm really excited for this, as well as all the new weaponry and dungeons to explore. And the pictures just gives you an adrenalin rush of happiness and tearfulness. The artwork is becoming fantastic!

  • loz


  • ZFAN

    I like the last pic of the train, that's a bad-ass train!

  • TnzSki

    I’m anxious to learn the story behind why the “Demon King” is a train. And it had better be damn good, too. All the other main bad-guys (that is I assume the demon king is the main bad-guy) were either a person or animal or some abstract creature. A train feels too inanimate and man-made. I’m hoping for an explanation like that the demon king is a shape-shifter who takes the form of a train, or that a more evil bad-guy created an evil train.

    • Edracon

      evil train…… That still sounds really funny.

  • Callin

    Anyone else notice the eye-things on the side of the evil train? I'm guessing they're the weak points during a boss battle. Think arrows.

    • Edracon

      I would think Cannons, as the eyes are similar to those found on the Ghost Ship in Phantom Hourglass… if I remember correctly. Also, there is a cannon on your train.

    • Edracon

      think cannons, they are on your train, It seems to be a similar boss battle to the one in Phantom Hourglass.

    • DudeOfDudes

      The eyes are probably going to be hit by the canon!

    • Link fan11

      They are cannons, because why would you be shooting arrows on a train

  • DudeOfDudes

    What or who is that right above The King of the Demonic Train Engineers (?) ?
    Is that an enemy train; a character; or a type of train link can make (like the golden ship from PH)?

  • DudeOfDudes

    Also, they seem to be mailmen because of the Bunnies on they're hats, well Alfonzo has a bandanna…The bunny from the Postman's Hat in MM

  • Quest

    The second to last train just looks like an enemy train that tries to blow up when it gets near you because look at it, it looks like a bomb.

  • Keam