This could be yours...

This could be yours...

Those of you who are going to get Spirit Tracks on release day (December 7 in the US and December 11th in Europe) have a chance of getting a sexy limited edition, consisting of (other than the game, of course) a tin box and miniatures of Link and the Phantom.

Being a huge Zelda fan, I have those miniatures already, so here’s a close-up for you (click to enlarge):

Don't you just want these?

Don't you just want these?

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  • Chibidin

    Too bad I already pre ordered the game 🙁 and I can't get this..Where do you get those miniatures ?

    • Edracon

      you preordered, so you are getting them. That is the preorder bonus… more or less…. unless they didn't make enough.

      • Chibidin

        Oh great :D! I didn't know, Gamestop didn't/hasn't advertised it.

  • steven

    does it cost more?

    • Edracon

      It's a preorder (or first day) bonus, it's free.

  • Kevin

    How do you go about getting this? Is it random or first certain number of people or something?

  • TSA

    Those figures are just two of the Gashapon from the Phantom Hourglass set released in Japan. Now I'm kinda questioning whether I should cancel my order since the only real unique item is the tin, which is kinda lame.

  • silver-hero

    Looks good. But the figures our from Phantom Hourglass. I'm only interested in the game now. Can't wait

  • jack

    where can i get one of those ? or is only if you pre-order the game ?

  • ChainofTermina

    Oh my God!
    those are so oozing with awsomeness!! I want 'em I want 'em I want 'em!
    at least the Link one, the phantom one, not so much

  • Astarael

    Two questions:

    1. Is this offer available in Australia?

    2. How does one go about getting a special edition? Is it by preordering?

    • Hombre

      Nothing was mentioned regarding regions, usually only Japan and/or the US get this kind of thing. However, the soure site was from the UK, so there's a chance this might hit PAL regions as well. Of coure, that's what they said about the Metroid Prime Trilogy as well, but we got a cheap cardboard box instead of tin.

  • I like both the box and the miniatures =D
    Now I'll make sure I get it on release day =P

  • Ethan Craigmiles

    Its a toy? Is that a dark nut next to Link? Can somebody tell me?

    • Juri238

      Its a figurine,so yeah i guess its a toy.Doesnt move or anything though.But that isnt a Dark nut,its the new knight-guy that helps Link in this game.He may have been a Darknut but hes good.

  • Business Shrub

    Cool figurines, reminds about WW I still havn't collected them all, there are a few tricky ones. This offer is probably because some people are sceptic about the train, I wonder if it will cost you coal to breeze through the fields of Hyrule. Too bad the game isn't for the big screen, I'm no fan of small screens. Is it possible to somehow connect your DS to TV to get a bigger picture?

    Link visiting a market where someone is trying to sell a train:
    "Come and buy this train with great milage!"
    "Five miles per stone of coal!"
    "Fiiiive miles per one stone of cooooal!"
    "Come and buy an excellent train!"

  • LuX

    Well the tin has the UK age rating symbol so im guessing its available here as well as America and Japan :S

  • Edracon

    why are the commenters always clueless?

    This is a preorder bonus, they are figurines, and they come with a special tin.
    If any are left after the preorders are picked up, they become "first day" bonuses, if there are still some left, they just coninue giving them away with the copies. You are also supposed to get them if you preordered Online, and will have it shipped.

    And Business Shrub, sorry, there is no way to connect your DS to your TV, nor is there an emulator that will play the game perfectly…. unless you have a powerful enough PC, but it's horrible to play DS games with your mouse.

    If you guys are wondering how I know this, I know because this is how nintendo always does their bonuses.

  • *drools* I'm so preordering…

  • Revthemoronoftime

    I allready got all the figures from gamestation so I'll just wait till it's released ($ days before my birthday ^^)

    • Edracon

      $ days before something is just awesome 😀

    • Edracon

      $ days, YAY!

      • Revthemoronoftime

        XD I fail I ment to put 4 ^^

  • minishcap

    I'f you preorder it like at a game store not online would you get it like this?

    • Edracon

      you still get it.

  • Waker of Winds

    I already pre-ordered LoZ Spirit Tracks in jan so I'm automatically getting the limited edition!

  • Waker of Winds

    Wait, I pre-ordered at gamestop, am I getting this Edition? I hope so…

    • Jake

      Me too….. (I preordered in EB-GAMES canada)

  • Jake

    Hey! there's something qritten on the spirit tracks box, i wonder what it says…..

    • It says Pre-Order your copy today!

      • Waker of Winds

        I know that, on other sites it only mentions UK retailers handing these out.

  • pooper417

    so how do you get this?

  • Jayeye

    You guys realize this is fake right? The game has the wrong cover art and logo, and the tin is clearly computer rendered if you look at the large picture. Not to mention the figures are a flat image. And why would they bundle PH figures with the new game? The phantom isn't even acurate to ST! It's the wrong color and has no eyes.
    To top that all off, I checked several stores that sell games and NONE of them have this.

    I can't believe so many people on such a respectable site have been fooled by this.

    • Astarael

      I didn't check the large image before, but it does appear that you're correct. Those figurines are awfully flat. Also, on close inspection, the lid doesn't look like it would actually fit the box.

    • Edracon

      you do realize that this is just a render of it.. and not the real thing… right?

      but it looks like if it doesn't come to America/Canada, then it will be Gamestation exclusive. I doubt it though, gamestop has many times said "exclusive" and yet any story that had videogames would have the same bonus.

  • Steely

    The tin is for the UK if you pre-order the game from either Gamestation (which no longer has it listed) or GAME (not yet put up for pre-order). The 2 figures are also available to buy right now in the UK so it's not a huge bonus. As far as I know it's not for Japan or Americas.

    • Edracon

      true, true. But usually when the UK gets it, America gets it too (regarding preorder bonuses). So we'll have to wait and see what happens.

  • sheik001

    is a miniatures!!

  • KafeiFTW

    I have that Phantom Hourglass lunchbox thats in the background, too! 🙂

  • Waker of Winds

    I wish you were going to give out Limited Editions

  • Chibidin

    If this bonus isn't available in America, where can I buy the figures and tin box?

  • mary phelan


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