If you are a member of Club Nintendo, you can now purchase a set of three Zelda posters – the main attraction is a lineup of all of Link’s different artwork styles throughout history, and it also comes with the promotional posters for Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass.

Given the content, these posters could sell out quickly, so you should probably cash in your Club Nintendo coins as soon as possible if you are interested in obtaining them.

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  • PrincessZelda


  • Jake

    I ordered it yesterday before they went on display (throught a web-link that was accidentally posted earlier) and now i have to wait till they re-stock! they sold out before they even posted it up in the catalogue! :O

  • Zelda Fanatic

    OOoh! You had me at the poster of Link (Hearts float up) but lost me at Club Nintendo…Do you HAVE to be a member to order them?

    • Jake

      Yes you do. But becoming a member isnt hard at all (unless you dont own any first hand wii/ds software/hardware), its free as well, and you get some neat stuff out of it.

      • Jake

        Oh! but you can probably buy it of eBay if you really want it. 😉

        • Zelda Fanatic

          Cool, thanks!

  • Joshua

    Ive been saving my club nintendo coins for something like this to come along.

  • Solianna

    Too bad it's Club Nintendo… I can't join it because I'm living in stinking Sweden…

  • xmasterswordx

    just ordered them, i was 10 coins short but then i realized that i hadn't registered my Wii Sports Resort yet.

  • Sweetness! *orders-right-away*

  • Chibidin

    I'm short 160 points 🙁

  • Ordered mine earlier today. I just barely had enough "coins." XD

  • *ordered*

    80 coins to spare.

  • 4th triangle

    just got mine can't wait to get

  • george


  • Yea

    any pics of it?

    • Juri238

      at the site there is.Theres one that is phantom hourglass with link on the boat with linebeck.The next is Twilight Princess with the scene where he fights as wolf link with those black things that open portals,hes in front of the zelda and uncursed midna statues.The last shows the stages of link,the dates and pics of him.
      so thats three total right 😛

  • sheik001

    wah! nada mal sigan debatiendo..hey zelda movie is real??

  • The Power of Three

    Oh YES! Thanks for giving me a heads up, I'm going to go do that now!

  • ZeldaFreak15

    i could easily draw all of those links, and i already have the rest of the posters i got them long ago,

  • Rosalee Altwies

    Thank you, Pastor Steve, for reinforcing in me what I knew to be true when my husband of 8 years divorced me in the midst of my first go-round with dialysis and in waiting for a kidney transplant. I was abandoned at age 30.