In 1989, Nintendo published a book based on the original Legend of Zelda game, titled The Legend of Zelda: Molblin’s Magic Spear. Well, a homebrew DS port has been made of it featuring music and narration.

Sounds like a good way to introduce the newer generation to Zelda, especially on long trips. Another version featuring the words instead of narration was also created, which you can view here.

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  • 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have that book LOL.

  • ChainofTermina




    were rupees really originally called rubies or is that just a mistake?

  • That was a typo. And yes, I have the book as well. So where can I download the .nds file?

  • I won. lol I posted this news the 21th. I really didn't put more then a video in my post though. This one is more informative. Great news!

  • Chris

    Molblin got owned.

  • Tim

    In translation from Japanese to English, the word was accidentally spelled "Rupees" and it just stuck! Also, in ALTTP, fairies is also misspelled as "faeries"

    • Other way around. It was accidentally spelled "Rubies" in LoZ. Rupee is the name of a real currency, you know.