It seems with Spirit Tracks so close to being released that sometimes we seem to forget the game is even coming out. Maybe it has to do with the disappointment in getting another handheld installment so soon after the previous while we wait even longer to even get a trailer of Zelda Wii. Maybe we just don’t like Phantom Hourglass, and thus assume we wont like Spirit Tracks. Or, maybe we just don’t play games on the Nintendo DS that much. Whatever the case may be it isn’t about to stop Spirit Tracks from bringing in awards.

Spirit Tracks won the “best of show” for the Nintendo DS at Gamescom 2009, beating out other titles such as Scribblenauts and Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. This is according to our friends over at IGN. Loathe it or hotly anticipate it, it appears that Spirit Tracks is a very solid title soon to be added to the Nintendo DS’s library.

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  • ChainofTermina

    yeah, I know what you mean. I can't explain it, but I'm just not that excited about spirit tracks. come to think of it, I'm not even sure why I own a DS, I barely ever use the thing.

  • DarkSpidey13

    Or, it could be because putting a network of train tracks right in the middle of Hyrule doesn't make any damn sense.

  • nathan

    yeah imma prolly still get it cuz if i didnt i wouldnt have all the zelda games anymore

  • What? Scribblenauts is the best thing since sliced bread! BLASPHEMY!

  • Ronnie

    I think there's a lack of excitement for the game because there's virtually no information out about it, and the game is going to be released within the next few months. Not quite sure why Nintendo is keeping under such tight wraps, but hopefully they're sitting on a gem.

  • frank

    Triforce of the Gods, i think you are over reacting, scribblenauts is indeed a exelent game, but is not that “TO AMAZING MOTHA F***A”, but whatever, everyone have their own opinions, i’m gonna get spirit tracks, i love all zelda games =)

    • I was semi-joking. Zelda handhelds haven't been that great since the Oracles, though.

  • ZFAN

    i agree with frank about getting the game, i will also get spirit tracks cause i love all zelda games and i liked phantom hourglass. i just cant get enough of zelda. i have played them all and beatin them all:)

  • skull kid

    lol yah i was a little disappointed at e3 when they announced spirit traks instead of a full fledged zelda game for the wii but then i thought about how much more anticipation they will get for there next zelda title on the wii.

    ps: phantom hourglass wasn't great but it wasn't a bad continuation for wind waker.for future reference i would love to see a full fledged continuation for wind just my 2 cents

  • LuX

    And some of you people call yourself zelda fans? whether its on a handheld or major release its Zelda, the feeling when the music starts when you switch it on for the first time the first time you see this games itteration of Link for me these are truly memorable feelings in games and only zelda does it to me.

    As for PH it was a great game the only thing I would change is the recurring Temple, the controls great visuals great sound great……….Sigh…………I feel like im part of a dying breed of zelda fans……

    Oh and none of this was ment as offense in anyway 🙂
    just the way I feel.

    • "As for PH it was a great game the only thing I would change is the recurring Temple, the controls great visuals great sound great……….Sigh…………I feel like im part of a dying breed of zelda fans…… "

      How bout the difficulty? Go back and play the older handhelds and then tell me PH was one of the great ones. Sure it was a good game, but it lacked a lot, just like TP.

    • Business Shrub

      I'm a Zelda fan, but screw sitting several hours in front of a tiny screen. I want immersion and I only get that from a big screen. I hope Nintendo hurries up, I wana play a new Zelda (not ST) more than a fat kid wants cake! But I really hope they take the time it takes to make a perfect game.

      That's my five cents!

  • Business Shrub

    I never liked the handheld Zelda games, I want a major Zelda game! If any game deserves a sequel I think it would be A link to the Past, because it would be awesome to climb the Death Mountain in 3D. I hope that Link will be able to "interact with the height" in the new major release. Wind Waker was for instance the first game where Link could fly everywhere (not counting shrub form in MM) with his Deku Leaf. In the previous games the height of a wall didn't really matter, other than to look at, but in Wind Waker you had to perhaps consider if it was low enough to fly over.

    Perhaps Link will have a hot air balloon in the next major installment of the game! Or climb the mountain side, one miss and you fall down, loose a bunch of hearts and have to start over again!

    That's my five cents! (I almost got one dollar now! Hey Skull Kid, you gotta claim more than 2 cents, inflation you know!)

  • I'm not that excited about spirit tracks either. I would like to play Assassins Creed 2 more and i'm going to wait till after the holidays to play Spirit Tracks.

  • chainOfTermina

    It all comes down the reason one plays videogames. I for one care about the story and the story only( i actually BOUGHT, KEPT, and REPLAYED many times Sonic Heros and Sonic'06. Hows that for masochistic?), so the handhelds are not really my thing, since the visuals of a hand held are small, pixelated, and flat. (the 3D on the DS look like N64 graphics). but if gameplay is your cup of tea, I can see why people are just as big a fan of portables as they are of consoles.