It seems with Spirit Tracks so close to being released that sometimes we seem to forget the game is even coming out. Maybe it has to do with the disappointment in getting another handheld installment so soon after the previous while we wait even longer to even get a trailer of Zelda Wii. Maybe we just don’t like Phantom Hourglass, and thus assume we wont like Spirit Tracks. Or, maybe we just don’t play games on the Nintendo DS that much. Whatever the case may be it isn’t about to stop Spirit Tracks from bringing in awards.

Spirit Tracks won the “best of show” for the Nintendo DS at Gamescom 2009, beating out other titles such as Scribblenauts and Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. This is according to our friends over at IGN. Loathe it or hotly anticipate it, it appears that Spirit Tracks is a very solid title soon to be added to the Nintendo DS’s library.

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