It has come to our attention that our list of affiliated sites  has gotten a bit long, so we have split the other Zelda fansites from the more general sites, so that you can find the type of site that you are looking for more easily.

On a similar note, our affiliate VGRC has changed its name to the Zangaroa blog, and has moved away from gaming about towards more general subjects.

  • DaltonR6

    Oh, cool! Um, there a blank one at the bottom, linking to a riddle? Its strange.

  • ^It's a secret to everyone!

    Yay for neatness.

    • Except for the people in the Skype chat room 😛

      • Perhaps it should say:

        "It's a secret to most people!"

        One more cheer for neatness!

  • Business Shrub

    Civ Fanatics is a friend? They are into turn based strategy, why are they friends? Although I was always a great fan of Civ one, the sequals are rather dissapointing.

    • Cody

      As far as I know, we are not currently at war with turn-based strategy games and can make friends with whatever site we want. :3