It looks the Nintendo’s Zelda team may have some catching up to do when it comes to visuals. Nintendo Everything is reporting that Monster Hunter 3’s visuals were so impressive that even Nintendo’s Zelda Wii team is feeling the pressure to make the next Zelda look better. This could result in a graphical quality burst for the Wii as more prominent developers add more effort into making their games “beautified,” and it’s very likely that the Zelda Wii team will now commit more time to increasing the graphical quality of the next major game in our favorite franchise.

There’s evidence that Nintendo takes the Monster Hunter team very seriously, given that they worked directly with them to create the Classic Controller Pro.

Since it undoubtedly shares the same art style, it might be safe to assume the graphical style will once again fall to realistically rendered universe, a style suited well for high-powered consoles like the XBox 360 and PS3. What do you guys think – should the upcoming Zelda Wii title have a greater focus on visuals than Twilight Princess?

To see the Monster Hunter Trailer 3 for yourself, just watch below:

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