Today’s been a great day for Zelda Universe (and subsequently Zelda fans). While we’re all waiting for three (yes, we count Tingle’s games) Zelda titles to be released, it seems the forums have been bustling. Not only have we released a new update for our forum template, the Zelda Temple (now version 2.1), but for the first time ever Zelda Universe has over 2000 active members!

This is the most active the forums have been since Phantom Hourglass’s release back in the good ol’ days of 2007. So we just want to thank everyone for joining in on the Zelda discussion and making ZU an awesome place to be a Zelda fan. 3000 or bust!

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  • 2000 sure is a petite number. But, I guess it's something to try to even out the ammount of inactive members.

  • Lules

    Funny how many people register and don't post!

  • SilverT

    It's a bit of a mixed blessing, since many of the new members have about the same amount of brain cells as a paramecium.

  • ZFAN

    i post sometimes when the artical is good lol…anyways cool site i really like the information this site puts up

    btw am a huge zelda fan:)

  • Awesome ^_^

  • Z-MAN7

    The more the merrier!

  • guy

    Yeah until someone *cough* from Zelda Informer hacks this place again. Hyrule's Closed 😀

    • 1. It's ZeldaInformer, not Zelda Informer.
      2. The only time ZI did anything is when Cap'n 'won' the site from Jason in a brawl. The hackings were 4chan.