Even more new features and upgrades have come to ZU! Today’s big focus was on the ZU IRC chatroom. For those of you unfamiliar with IRC, it stands for Internet Relay Chat – and it’s how ZUers communicate with each other in real time.

Zelda Universe has long provided easy access to its online chatroom, the largest Zelda chatroom anywhere, through the forums. Today, the software we used to allow that access has been changed entirely. The web-based chatroom is now tons faster thanks to its Mibbit backbone. Now, most recently we had barred guest access while we worked to improve the webchat. Today, because of these software upgrades, that ends. All users – guests AND registered users – can access and participate in Zelda Universe’s chatroom by clicking the “IRC Chatroom” link on the left-hand sidebar. Give it a shot and join us in the chatroom!

“But wait!” as the great Billy Mays would say… “There’s more!”

In addition to opening up the chatroom to all visitors and upgrading the chat software, we’ve brought the Chatters Online area of the boards back from a long and rather broken hiatus. With that revival comes the birth of several new features.

  • You can now link your chat nickname to your forum username (if you’re registered on the forums) so that other people can click on your name in the Chatters Online list and be taken to your profile page. To do this, find your User ID # – the number at the end of the URL of your profile page. Then, simply go to the chatroom and type the following: .forum_id userid#, where userid# is you User ID #.
  • The list now shows status symbols! If you have voice, hops, ops, what have you, people will now be able to see the symbol before your name in the Chatters Online area.

Broken links like links to the chat statistics have been fixed as well.

I hope everyone here who hasn’t ever been to the chatroom takes this opportunity to give it a shot. I promise, we’re a friendly bunch… when we feel like it. 😉

“Wait, we’re going to talk about ZELDA in the chatroom?!”
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