That’s right, the classic Saria’s Song from Ocarina of Time has just been remade into a ragtime jazz song by an inspired fan. Hit the jump for a listen.

  • linkcit

    Ya i really like that that was great

  • Oscar

    Wow, that is awesome, like, it makes me wanna dance =). Love the song in this version.

  • This more reminds me of the Lost Woods from Twilight Princess than from Ocarina of Time.

  • Pianomancuber

    bar 50 :nice (intentional or unintentional) allusion to Midna's song in TP! also, sweet hemiola at 64. Throughout, I liked the rhythms you chose so accent the melody. In ragtime rhythm is obviously a key part of a piece, but I thought your use of syncopation went above and beyond that. Nice job!

  • Azerik

    @Naokohiro: It's the same song -.-

    Anyway I liked it but ragtime isn't my favourite form of jazz.

  • Jaccolin

    Hey I liked that a lot. now i have to figure out how to get the sheet music.

  • Rand Therrin

    sounds sweet but didn't hear the saria's song melody in a few parts

  • Luke

    That was probably the best fan made game song I've heard.

  • Ha, Jazz it up.

  • Hey yeah nice job! I know it took a lot of schooling to do this. You deserve a lot of credit. Thanks for doing a good job so thoroughly. 🙂

  • Curly Q

    OMG! i like this so much! It's really good! I like this version better!

  • Shaelyn


  • huming original with this!!!!!!

  • Alexchu9

    Wow fantastic job! I've always been a fan of jazz, and this is some really good stuff!!! If you make any new stuff pass it to ZU so we can keep listening!!! ^_^

  • Teengamer

    I absolutely LOVE jazz! Whoever composed this is a genius! 😀

  • Wow, I'm glad this hit so many good spots for Zelda and Jazz fans! If you guys want mp3s of sheet music of this, I have links of it in the original video posting in my channel. Here's a direct link, it's all in the info =) :

    Also, this is obvious stuff, but if you guys have a Youtube account, feel free to subscribe to my account, because I'm planning on doing more major Zelda music soon! I'm thinking of doing a classical piano concerto or symphony, but I'm open to suggestions, especially with specific Zelda songs!

  • James

    This should be in the game.