There is now what appears to be actual footage of the new Tingle game.

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  • some guy

    I am frightened.

  • Waterwraith

    I never thought I would see Tingle with Muscles…

  • Moochy


  • CrimsonJuiceBox

    I think my brain just died. Out of horror, joy or shock, I just don't know.

  • Linksta35

    wow… they cant be serious x.x

  • Arkamidis

    Wow. So uh….. Tingle….. hmm. Never thought i'd see him human-like and tall, lean, with some build. Does he become a drunk and eats when he's depressed towards the end of the game? I mean, does he return to the short beer gut, rudolph nosed elf we all know?

  • t-man


  • Hedorah
  • Looks a lot like Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland actually…

  • My eyes have just jumped out of my sockets are are now hiding in a corner with fear.

  • Am I the only one who actually wants this game?

    • Velko Deku Drevo


    • kolloo-limpah!

      no, i also want it soooooooo much, i would die if they wouldnt release it in america

  • LuX

    Did anyone notice the phone number across the top, of course its blanked out but its blanked with the Playstations buttons LOL Squares X's Triangles and Circles 😛

  • Jon Snow

    Wait is this an actual Zelda like gameplay game? Anyone know?

  • veeronic


    or just keep it in japan…

  • link608

    o k so at the end does link get ticked of with tingle getting all chick magnet
    and kill him cause i would

  • RocThul

    Not gonna lie, this looks completely awesome. Please come out in the States, or at least make SOME type of English version.

  • lenny8462

    Ok so in the first one, he wanted money, now in the second he wants girls? Is tingle trying to become a rock star or something? Look out, the third game will be about drugs!

    • Random Passerby

      OH LOL
      so true…

  • By_Farore

    I lol'ed.
    I like how Nintendo doesn't need anyone to ridicule itself.
    Also heard that behind the horrific outside of the first Tingle game was actual enjoyable gameplay.
    I'll play it if I could find it.
    Even though I despise Tingle. Freaky rupee-and-force-gems-stealing, middle-aged fairy-wannabe man.

  • Shaelyn

    where's the goatee…and the short stocky build…

    something's wrong here…

    not sure if I want to play this one or not. I always saw Tingle as comic relief – even in the games he stars in. he looks almost…serious in this one.

  • Solaira

    lol wut?
    I don't know why but tingles red panties made me lol.

    I will now go hide in a hole

  • …….Good Lord…..I laughed so hard at this…..I mean….what the heck?! Tingle is handsome?!?! It's like they took something out of Tingle's own fantasy and made it into a game!


  • Bean

    Muscle!Tingle is the funniest thing I've ever seen. Seriously.

  • swizzles

    This must be the infomercial Tingle sees before he buys that book. How very strange….

    I'D BUY IT!!!

    • DUH! Everyone keeps thinking that actually is Tingle, but it's obviously the commercial about the game described in the previous news post. I doubt Tingle has changed at all from his old self.

  • Ozzy


  • Arjen

    Hmm, the first game was pretty cool. Might check this out.

  • This isn't actually Tingle. It's a commercial he sees on TV about a book. Tingle orders that book but gets sucked inside a strange world.

    • bluefire

      Almost any world with Tingle is strange!

  • TingleHater

    Woah! Tingle is ripped! Since when did he start working out?!

  • Dude! Let's do this! I'm all for it, scary as it may be



    "this is a joke, right?"
    "wow…. just.. wow."
    "this is the most disturbing thing i've ever seen"
    "what the hell is this? nobody is going to play this crap"

    Seriously people, stop being so generic. Nintendo has you all wrapped ever so tightly around its finger, huh? It's a game, Jesus. It's not disturbing, shocking or anything like that. It's part of the character's charm.

  • Vilage Genious

    Looking forward to this game. See if it pwns like TRR did.

  • tingle fan from 2day


  • FourSword

    Run for your lives! Tingle, muscle? Please, please let this be a dream! My brain is dead, my eyeballs are rolling on the floor, and I just came up with a theory about the Four Sword and Termina!!

  • Nintenfan81

    I'll give it a try. There are few games that are to hopeless to even try, and i'll give anything Zelda the benifite of the dought. Whats the worst that can happen? Wait, you can get a refund if a game if it sucks, right?

  • Alexchu9

    ZOMG!!! I don't know whether to hide or go to Japan and buy the game right now!!! 0_o

  • TheKhaion

    Apart of my soul just died….

    But what the heck I think I will buy it anyway 8D Seriously, I cant play that game without laughing of Tingles "sexy" red pants lol xD

  • Jack

    you guys are idiots – this is obviously an infomercial Tingle sees, or one of his fantasies – Tingle dosen't look like that in the game – Tingle as a muscly hero is just an in-game joke.