For those of you attending Comicon, the Zelda prizes aren’t over yet. Zelda based mini-series The Legend of Neil has decided to celebrate the beginning of their second season by holding a contest – those who wear a LoN t-shirt and visit their booth will win a prize and are also eligible to win one of the Zelda props from their show, such as a giant dungeon key or a shield.

For those unfamiliar with The Legend of Neil, it’s a web series about a guy named Neil who was transported into a Zelda game, which has been featured on Comedy Central. Be warned, it’s NSFW and if you are averse to the adult language level of, say, South Park, you might want to give it a miss, but for everyone else, you can watch it here or read their news via their Facebook page.

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  • ChainofTermina

    I'm sure it's a good series, and no personal offense to The Legend of Neil people, but I don't like, well, ok lets be perfectly honest, I HATE it when people turn somthing into live action, something that should so obviously be animated. I cannot tell you how glad I was when that Live action Zelda movie turned out to be fake. whenever the rapist that is Hollywood decides to once again hunt for its prey of a cartoon, not a comic but a CARTOON, or even a novel, and turn it into a live action film, i do my best to ignore the fact that it exists. they never do it right. NEVER! They delete scenes, rearange scenes, and even(and this REALLY makes me pissed) add in brand new scenes that wer never in the rael story to begin with. with animation, you are not crippled by the limited ability of special affects. you don't have to worry about make up or sets, or any of that crap. and also, if you really want to turn a novel into a feature-length film, the director should be the AUTHOR.

    I got a little side tracked there, but again, no offense at all to Neil, but I just don't care for live action when animation would have been the more appropriate route

    • Cody

      Animation and acting have completely different skill sets, people can't just switch from one to the other 😛

      Also, I'm pretty sure that this is a lot better quality than the Zelda cartoon <_<

  • Hey, I thought the show was good.

  • ChainofTermina

    The Zelda Cartoon that already exists?
    that is Soooooooooooooo not what I meant.
    What I really meant was:
    Zelda is from Japan
    Anime is from Japan
    if Zelda is ever on the TV/Movie screen, IT SHOULD BE AN ANIME!

  • zelda freak fan

    I so agree with the guy ( or girl I'm relly not shur ) ( did I spell that right, shur? ) above me a zelda movie should be in anime.

    The legend of Neil is so funny. (:D