For those of you keeping track of the new Tingle game, they have released a little teaser trailer for it. It’s certainly, uh, different.

My first thought was “this is the least informative trailer I’ve ever seen”.

But then I watched it again, and allowed myself to be taken in by the oddly soothing music, while swaying in time to the focus of the video, and then I realized that it was not bad, but great.

  • Steve

    No matter how many times I watch it, I still think you were right the first time, that is the LEAST informative trailer I've ever seen.

  • Waker of Winds

    It's creepy………….yet soothing………………

  • Squiggy

    What is Nintendo smoking and why aren't they sharing any?

  • Isabelle

    Weird… Really weird…

  • ….how brilliantly un-epic!

  • Snapdragon

    well, it caught my attention and interest, especially since I really, really LIKE tingle.

  • swizzles

    All they did was take the three seperate videos they already had and combined them into one. Okay…

    It is kind of interesting, though. Will Tingle have to rescue that blue damsel he gazes adoringly toward? Will the odd trio he meets on the road become his friends and allies? What kind of new and exciting adventures await our hero as he suits up once again with his famous red balloon? Only time will tell. LAWL

  • Um, wow. To sum up my feelings: "What the ****!?"

  • Zeldadudetp

    This game will be the downfall of the Zelda series, nay, the world.

    • Sol

      thank you!

  • What? That was a trailer? O_o

  • Nintendo rips off Wizard of Oz


    • zoraluigi

      Oh hay yeah! The group is walking down a yellow pathway, and the big yellow dude looks like a lion, the purple (girl?) looks like the tin(man?), judging from the wierd thing on (her?) head, and then the orange-brown thing is… Todo?

  • Bob

    Is does answer a lot of questions from previous games, like: Why does Tingle think Link is a fairy in MC? Now we now that it wasn't just the clothes, Tingle is on LSD. Really clears up the storyline in places.

  • Eggys

    I'm so glad those games aren't being released here in the USA.

    • Phantom Majora

      I disagree…I think this would be a very…interesting break from the Zelda series. I would love to play it. Guess I'll have to order it, though 😛

  • I hope another (better) trailer comes out in order to cancel the stupidity of this trailer.

  • Hyrule

    Stupidity? Ha, blasphemy. This teaser is fantastic.

  • Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland sequel confirmed. It's called Color Changing Tingle's Love Balloon Trip.

  • ogichiichigo

    Well… this is… um… I've got nothing to say to this, Nintendo, where are going with this??

  • kill me…. please.

    • Renzalif

      what will it be? light arrows or bombchu?

  • omg, ur actually right about the music – it is… soothing.

  • I don't know if anything noticed but…. Tingle and the wizard of OZ?

  • tim

    I have a headache after watching that

  • Navi 17

    How do u get epona in majoras mask?? When do u get her?? Im playing the game fur like the first time, i kno im a noob. But hey i played ocarina of time!

  • Navi 17

    I found her but none of the people at the ranch will tell me anyhting.

  • Mr. Iamsosarcastic

    it is awessooommmmeeeee the BEST trailer ive seen in my whole lifeee!!!! omg omg omg omg omg the music is sooooooo soooooooo gooooddd!!! i want it for mi ipod!!!!


  • Linksoer

    whoa,,,, ubber gay