A darker age for the Wii begins.

A darker age for the Wii begins.

Long after fans began to plea for new Wii colors, the black Wii is finally here… or rather, will be here. The new black Wii will be released in Japan this summer.  At the Wii’s launch Nintendo showed us three other colors (apart from the white and black),  though it is a mystery whether the Wii will ever be graced with the presented red, silver and lime green designs.

Nintendo will also be releasing matching black accessories. So far a black Wii Remote ($40), a black Nunchuk ($19) and a black Classic Controller ($21) have been confirmed.  There is no official confirmation for the American and European prices for the black Wii and its accessories as of yet, but the Japanese prices make it very likely that the prices will remain the same.

Source: Kotaku
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  • LuX

    Finally, it took long enough but even so the Red, Silver and Lime Green haven't got launch dates, and I really wanted the Red one when the Wii was known as Revolution and they showed off different colours.

  • dany36

    Dang, that looks sexy, haha.
    And to think that at first I wanted to wait to buy the Wii until new colors were released…kinda glad I didn't wait this long. ;P

  • Zelda

    Dang it. So right after I go and get myself a plain old white Wii, they decide to launch a whole array of fancy new colors??
    *drools over black Wii* Sooo…prettyyy….

  • I really wanted a black Wii, too bad, they are too late now…

  • ChainofTermina

    That…. is….HOT!!

  • Renzalif

    dang it! I want that black wii!

  • keimori

    about time! this was part of their origanal plans back when the called it by its awesomer name

  • RenTD

    Haha, good thing I bought a Wii around January and spent a full weekend designing it be black and sexy.

  • Shaelyn

    bwahaha I guess I'll hold off a little longer on getting one ~drool~