It’s always nice when you find things like this. You know how Google likes to make custom logos on Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and so on? Well on Earth Day this year, someone put a Triforce in the logo. Check it out after the jump.

Source: /gamer (Thanks to dark-hero for the tip.)
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  • Nictel

    I remember they did this before, someone at Google must like Zelda. (Or Triforces for that matter.)

  • Nagrom

    that's pretty neat! Thanks for sharing. I never would have noticed it otherwise.

  • Allan

    There is also one in the Thanksgiving logo for 2008, as well as the Halloween 2008 logo.

  • I love Google.

  • cool

  • lockx

    Google has gone up majorly in my estimation!
    That and the fact there is a Zelda theme for iGoogle makes me so Happy!

    maybe we should keep an eye out for other public holidays that they do this in.

  • Dax

    I remember seeing a group photo of Google's employees once, and one of them was dressed like Link…maybe I saw it on this site? Can't remember now.

  • ogichiichigo

    Wow, thats amazing. Im pretty happy with google.

  • Chester

    Wow, this is getting desperate.

    • Dax


  • Navi17

    Thats so cool! but i wonder why?

  • Navi17

    Hmm someone at googel is really into Zelda. Thats cool cause Zeldas one of those games no one realy talks about. Cause i mean theres people at my school who talk about Halo and Grand Theft Auto all the time, never Zelda.

    • Santa

      I never understood why Halo is as popular as it is, there are a billion other shooters out there…I did like GTA4 though, although it is disturbing kind of that so many young kids are so into stealing cars and shooting cops, I guess.

  • MegaMan
    • I love google. They're all so cute. XD

  • charlie

    stolen directly from

  • igor

    maybe someone at google is /b/tard

  • brenda

    do u guys like halo reach??? i love it.

  • We’ve

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