I know that Majora’s Mask is nothing new (aside from its recent Virtual Console release), but when someone walks up to me and tells me they see something wrong – well, I just have to fix it! As a result, three pages have been changed up and revamped in the Majora’s Mask section. They are the following:

  • The main index image has been updated and corrected – MM was released for N64, GC and now for Wii on the Virtual Console. It previously listed N64 as the only console.
  • The Ocarina Songs page has been updated and changed to include playing instructions and images.
  • The Cheats and Hints page has been generally updated and overhauled.

If you think ZU could fix up any other pages, just let me know. I’m happy to do spring cleaning on any and all content around ZU, especially in the realm of error correction, though I’d hope all of our Zelda information is entirely accurate!

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  • Zien

    Good to hear. You can expect the Update Ninja to keep you updated. 😛

  • Twilight King

    I have a new Easy Money Trick: Shoot the Blue Bubbles (the floating skulls) with a light arrow and they drop 50 rupees each. This is done easiest out at Terminia Field at night.

    • Added it! 🙂

    • dany the dot

      Actually, you can do this to any enemy in the Termina Field area.

  • noah

    Not sure if you guys realize this but

    is a broken link

  • That's because the page doesn't exist. I made a placeholder page – we're actually still writing the walkthrough.