reports that Majora’s Mask was released on the Virtual Console today for Europe and will cost 1000 Wii Points. With Europe getting Majora’s Mask first, it is looking like the release for the US won’t be too far behind.

Word of caution though, there is talk across the net that the VC version of MM may be the same port as the Collector’s Edition with the same bugs and glitches. So please keep that in mind while you play.

  • Tonchiki

    Wow, the same as the Collector's Edition?
    Lame. Even when it's on VC, it doesn't get the respect it deserves.
    Not that I care, because I have the original cart anyway.
    Oh well.

  • Sweet I've been waiting for this game like forever! πŸ™‚

  • L176

    Haha! we havit but
    u don't.

  • salvester

    Does this mean that the US will get it Monday?

    • jwalraven

      It is possible but we just have to wait and see.

  • Tess

    I want it…NOW! πŸ™‚ I guess I'll have to wait. In the meantime, I have to try and fix my dumb Gamecube controller.

    Stupid C stick thinks it can stop working on me. -_-

  • AlexTheZeldaMan


    They should have done this back when the Wii was released, like OoT.

    But nevertheless, FINALLY!

  • I doubt it's the same as the collector's edition. What Nintendo does with the Virtual Console is packs the original ROM with a customized emulator. The collector's edition version used a modified ROM and a completely different emulator.

  • Hero of Geeks

    How do people even find stuff like that out? Where do you look for the ROM? Do you lift up its skirt or something? (If so, I don't even want to know about the emulator…)

  • Brock

    I LOVE MAJORAS MASK! regardless of what people say, it is my favorite zelda! when i was 4, my family had 4 kids in it, so we would always rent MM or Oot EVERYDAY! i grew up with it. then, at 8, our family got the gamecube with the collectors edition. i beat Oot, and played MM but stopped at the water dungeon.Five years later, i picked it up again and beat it with all the masks. on the disc needed cleaning, OoT wouldnt play, so we recentley(07/08) went to get it cleaned. but,R.I,P, it crashed inside the cleaner and was never seen again.

    I love MM, but is it worth it to get it to get it at ten bucks, when you still have to do all the work to get to where i was? Well, My little Bro (8) downloaded and beat OoT by himself, and he loved it! Yeah, he beat OoT with barely any help from his 13 year old Brother!(Me, if you havent figured out yet)

    Well theres my joyous history with MM, Now The question: is it worth it?

  • Erik

    According to Nintendo in Sweden this is NOT the same version as in Collector's Edition. And they should know.

    • Maverickk

      Do you have the link to Nintendo Sweden? It would make me feel more rest assured, because I want to believe it's true it isn't the same version.

      Majora's Mask needs to get a proper emulation. It also makes more sense that if they have to go through a special process to release Majora's Mask that they would make sure it's a worth while release.

      I mean it's one thing when they give a collection of games away for free as a promotional disc. But when people are paying money for the game they should at least make sure it plays just as good as the original. I mean if it's not as good as the original at least there is an issue.

  • Luisa

    If it's the same port as the GC version… I hope it isn't, like Erik said.

  • Dax

    I HOPE it isn't the hiccuping Collector's Edition version…otherwise there's no point in me downloading it since I already have access to the CE on GC. Not sure why I'm telling people this when they probably don't care either way.

  • Business Shrub

    What's wrong with the Collector's Edition? I really wonder because that's the only I ever played, never had the oroginal system. Isn't running old software on newer platforms supposed to be easy? If you have an emulator and a program and you apply partial evaluation to it you can get a native program.
    There shouldn't be any problems, it's just a tool. Anyway I liked the glitches in Majoras Mask, you could get to Sakon's hideout early for instance. And speaking about CE on GC and glitches and OoT, there's allways the light medallion challenge in which you beat OoT without beating any dungeons whatsoever, Google it, I'm going to give it a try once I get enough time, I hope the Light Medallion Challenge will still work on Virtual Console once I've saved up for a Wii that is.

  • Erik

    The problem with CE is that on most copies the game just freezes and the sound goes BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  • Natural Phenomenon

    Is this for the new Nintendo DSi? or Wii? i would love to see OoT and Majoras mask on the DSI. the DSI is far more powerful then the nintendo 64 now so i hope it will be on the DSI store soon or later or ill have to twittle with the ROMS and break my DS apart till i can get it to play ROMS

  • I hope VC does have the same glitches. the original N64 glitches were way too much fun