You may have heard the reports on a rumored Ocarina of Time remake for Wii. Yesterday the site responsible for the news (GameFocus) reported it was an April Fools hoax (surprise, surprise). Click this link for the article.

Obviously, there were many more April Fools hoaxes. Here are some of them.

Pocket Gamer (link is here) reported DSi owners playing The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass could take pictures of trains using one of the DSi’s cameras and import them in the game.

On the forum (link is here) the rumor was created that a new Zelda game called “The Legend of Zelda: Letters from the Past” had been announced.

IGN posted a video (link is here) about a service called “WiiExpand” and a possibility to download an option that would make Brawl gory.

Hopefully we can get back to trusting news now that April Fools’ Day is over.

  • I knew they wouldn't do that =D

    Too bad for the ones that actually believed it though =S

  • Chesterton

    (link is here)

  • Jimbo

    (link is there)

  • Edracon

    (link is that-a-way)

  • Cameron

    (link is up there)

  • (Link is in the belly of massive aliens!)

  • L176

    Actually I'm thinking that the Wii expand joke was made by Nintendo itself.

  • keimori

    it would be awesome if they could pull somthing like that off.

  • ChainofTermina

    Brawl, gory?
    Oot, on the Wii?
    …..all fake?
    You know what
    I think I LIKE it when APJs are obvious
    that way we aren't as CRUSHED IN THE HEART as I feel right now (sobs)

  • ChainofTermina

    When Link Decapitated Mario…
    WHY!? WHY IS IT NOT REAL!!!!!!
    (sobs more)

  • Dax

    "Hopefully we can get back to trusting news now that April Fools’ Day is over."

    Ehh…actually a lot of information on the Internet passed off as "news" should never be trusted right off the bat, regardless of whether it's April Fools or not.

  • lockx

    heh gamesfocus actually said they did their's in collaboration with nintendo themselves. That's awesome.

    You missed what they did at Zelda temple though with their hoax about exclusive screenshots being released which they mentioned a few days earlier.

  • Business Shrub

    Actually I was looking forward to the revisit of Ocarina of Time, maybe Nintendo should do it anyways. But it's probably very hard to redo a game that has so many fans, too many restriants, the story has to be the same. Talking about revisiting OoT, you know down in the castle in WW, I think it's sad that they didn't have anything you could recognize from the original game in that area. What if Nintendo had put the lakeside laboratory in that lake down there, that would've been awesome.

    • mikae

      that would be cool.