Official Nintendo Magazine of UK is reporting that Japan will be releasing Majora’s Mask on the Virtual Console sometime in April.  This is significant because the game will more than likely be released on the North American VC service sometime this year.

So if you never purchased the original cartridge for the N64, or received The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition (when you renewed a Nintendo Power subscription earlier this decade), then you have a chance to purchase and play the game finally.

So much Zelda news in the past few days.  Is it leading to a nice announcement at E3?

  • Tess

    YES! Awesome!

    This just made my day.

  • dennis

    finally, this is the only zelda game (besides links crossbow training) i have not played yet.

  • Z-MAN7

    Oh my god! finally!!

  • LeroyZU

    All right, lots of awesome news indeed =D

  • zoraluigi

    PRAISE THE GOLDEN GODDESSES!!! or perhaps, PRAISE THE GIANTS! Nintendo just keeps on making awesome for me. First an new Zelda, now an old Zelda… ahhh, such memories…

  • theMaverickk

    LOL, I was one of those people who renewed my Nintendo Power subscription just to get the Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition.

    Mind you I also want to get the VC versions. For the most part it's because of the fact that they are untouched edits usually. With N64 logo still at the start and so forth. I'm also curious if that little audio issue has been worked out yet from the porting process (an issue on the disc).

    I plan on buying all the Zelda games on VC now that they opened VC to SD as well. It will be an excuse to play them again 😀

    I hope this one comes out soon. It's by far my favorite Zelda game ever.

  • Fanny

    And I was just about to buy a Nintendo 64 and Majora's Mask off of Ebay just so I could play it. What a relief!

  • stephykins

    wuts crazy is dat majora's mask was actually the first zelda game i played! the store near my house at the time only had that one zelda game lol….its good to hear from it again

  • scottwalker


  • ugh

    Still waiting for North America. Nintendo is full of fail.

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