In light of certain recent developments, we’ve decided to change our poll early to, as you can guess, one about Spirit Tracks. Hit the jump for the results of the previous poll about the DSi.

It looks like Nintendo isn’t going to be selling too many DSi’s to ZUers! Here are the numerical poll results:

1st (53.0%, 411 Votes): No, my old DS will do fine.
(28.0%, 218 Votes): Yes, I am planning to replace my old DS with it.
3rd (11.0%, 85 Votes): No, I don’t have any kind of DS and aren’t planning on buying one.
(7.0%, 57 Votes): Yes, I don’t have a DS yet but when I get one it will be the DSi.

Also, for the record, we at Zelda Universe have nothing against Thomas the Tank Engine and friends, especially Toby the Tram Engine, who is a very fine tram indeed.

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