As we all know (or at least us Pokemon nerds), today was the release date of Pokemon Platinum, the newest game in the series, which sold over one million copies in its first two days in Japan.

Platinum is the sequel to the recent Diamond and Pearl games. (Which are, of course, slightly different versions of each other). Platinum has two new aspects which may be of interest. One: A new area called Distortion World. And two: (Possibly just rumor) 61 new little beasties added to the Pokedex. (Available to catch).

Distortion World adds an entirely new concept to the Pokemon series; it is the closest any handheld Pokemon games have ever gotten to 3D. Distortion World is the dwelling place of Giratina, and is full of strange “rules.”

These “rules,” as I will call them, include moving platforms, disappearing scenery, and more.

I won’t tell you much more, (We don’t wanna ruin the storyline, huh?) but you might want to carry Pokemon with the moves Surf and Strength with you before entering Distortion World…

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