UPDATE: After seeing how Facebook Connect works for a day, we’re pulling it to look at other options. It’s very wonky and does not work as we expected or wanted – by a wide margin. It is, however, a useful feature, so we’re going to continue looking at it. Don’t be surprised if you see it pop up again.

The vote is so insanely close that, after a good discussion with several people, I feel that the best direction to take with Facebook Connect is to give it one month trial. Clearly people are on the fence about Facebook Connect, so we’re jumping the gun and getting a day-early start on making it work with the site. First we’ll get it working on the main site with all the features we feel are necessary, and then we’ll move to the forums and get it working there.

If it doesn’t work out, or people vehemently oppose it, we’ll get rid of it – it only takes one click and it’s gone. I’ll report back once I feel that it’s adequately working and skinned properly on both the main site and forums. Until then, you will see the Facebook Connect stuff pop up around the place, but know that we will be disabling some features due to privacy concerns and be skinning the appearance today and tomorrow to make it acceptable for ZU.

Make sure to try it out if you have Facebook and test things, so we can be sure that, if we keep it, it’s the best for ZU!

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