The Nintendo DSi

Looks like Nintendo has more plans for their new DSi, and they gave a tidbit of information about it in a secret Nintendo developer conference.

Nintendo wants developers to make applications as well as games for the DSi.

“Nintendo is keen to have developers offering all kinds of software once the DSi store fully launches for access in Europe and America,” said one developer. “Given the advanced functions in the DSi, such as the microphone and camera, the company told us that there are a variety of opportunities for a variety of apps, both in a games sense and a non-games sense, that we could offer.”

For now, that’s all they have said about it, but we may get some more details at next weeks game developers conference, seeing as Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is reportedly going to be speaking there about “Nintendo’s role in creating better tools and bringing opportunities for developers to introduce their innovative ideas to a marketplace that is increasingly willing and eager to embrace new game design possibilities.”

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  • Green-Link

    Applications? They must be trying to copy Aps for the Iphone and Ipod Touch.


  • Yeah, but those are pretty darn successful and have, doubtlessly, changed the way program distribution for mobile devices works forever.

  • Hoopy Frood's response to that comment on the forums was hilarious:

    "Listen man, Nintendo isn't trying to be Apple. It's not like they're putting lower case i's in their product na–

    oh wait."

    It was so great, I sig'd it.

  • Nagrom

    I hate the DSi. Why'd they have to go and do that? Right when I was getting used to having my lite. Jeez… As much as I'd like to go and buy one of those things I don't really have the money.

  • Ta for the information, very usefull