A long time has passed since the DSi was released in Japan (while us mortals are still waiting for it) and so far no big-name downloadable content has been offered. But Famitsu has revealed that Sega will release a Phantasy Star game for the console some time this month.

The game is called Phantasy Star Zero Mini and is the downloadable version of the cartridge game Phantasy Star Zero. The game is only 200 DSi points which is about two USD. So what do you get for this quite incredible price? Well, you select one of three characters and battle against a creature called Raven in an attempt to get the highest score. The game supports four player wireless and a chat.

Is this the type of game that people want to see on the DSi? Will this open the floodgates of 99 cent garbage games, or will it allow for developers to make new innovative games? Head over to our forums and discuss it in this thread.

Source: IGN.