Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! We even got you a card!

“Thanks, ZU, you shouldn’t have!” Well, we did, and it’s totally awesome.

click for larger version

Click for larger version!

We sincerely hope everyone has a fun (and safe) St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you don’t celebrate the Holiday, may the luck o’ the Irish shine on you today, too! For a nifty, short history of St. Patrick’s day, go here.

The planning, design, and making of this card has all been done on behalf of ZU by a small ZU forum community organization called the Zelda Universe Holiday Cards team. The group is lead by Zien, co-lead by Margaret, and the team of artists changes from month to month. This time, our lovely artist was Liah. We also have an archive of all our past holiday cards. Check it out here.

Each month, the ZUHC asks for YOUR ideas and volunteerism to help us make a “card” for each holiday. Go to this thread to participate, even if it’s just a small idea. every bit helps. Check out this thread for all things ZUHC! We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • lalolalicua

    hahaha nice card.. lol, and by the way i didnt know the meaning of the st patricks, maybe because im from mexico, so i watched the video of its history, interesting.. anyway happy st. patricks day..


  • Zien

    Whooo! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  • Hah. Well happy St.Patty’s day.

    (It’s meh birthday too.)

  • Tess

    Happy St. Patty’s Day!

    Cute card, by the way. xD I giggled when I looked at it! 🙂

  • Margaret

    Glad people are liking the card.
    Feel free to join in the discussion on the forums. we want your input and ideas for the next card (Easter). It’s in the Community Central forum 🙂

    Happy St. Pat’s!

  • Liah

    Wooo, my art made it to the main site! xD Seriously, though, ’twas muchly fun. Happy St. Pat’s Day, guys (: <3

  • Azerik

    Being Irish I have one thing to say…Ganon makes a great leprechaun 😀