The mailbag for March 13, 2009 is contained within:

Juan Diego II writes:

Alright just a quick question. If you could design the next zelda where and when would it take place. (yes I know you don’t make the games this is just a fansite)

James writes:

You have no idea how many people think we actually make the games. It is kinda annoying.

But, if I were to make a game, I would have make it located in two separate worlds within the same game. I am a fan of the “two world/dimensions” type of Zelda. I think it makes the game more interesting. I think I would make it so that you have to travel between Hyrule and a land similar to Termina, except without the drama of a crashing moon. You would have to travel between the two worlds and go to different dungeons on the two in order to complete the game. I think a inter-world boss battle would make things interesting too. But, I seem to be going on and on about this topic. Moving on.

PTC writes:

I’ve been wondering for a while, how come the Freshly Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland section has no information for it? I appreciate that the ZU staff are busy people and that perhaps this section is low down on the list of priorities, but it seems an awful shame that every other game secion on the site has expansive information about it. It’s not like the information isn’t availiable, the Zelda Wiki has information about all the characters, the items, the bosses, the enemies etc. Heck, I could give some of the info needed if really necessary since I’ve played the game quite a bit. Also, (this is not intended to sound rude) if ZU have gone to the trouble of creating a page for TRR then why leave it empty? What use would that be for a visitor who clicks ‘TRR’ on the games bar (again not intended to sound rude)?

James writes:

Like I have said before in the past, we did have an “other games” section on the site before and for some reason was removed. I believe I have read that they are planning on getting those games on the site ASAP. Other than that, we are just trying to make sure that news is getting posted.

It was more than likely created because we were planning on getting a page created for that game, as it is a Zelda game.

Naokohiro writes:

Even though there is a global economic crisis, the video game market continues to flourish. Here’s a related video:
The president of the college I am going to attend said that the explanation is that when it comes to video games, $1 is roughly the equivalent of 1 hour of entertainment. Think about it, a game that costs $50 would have about 40 hours of gameplay from the main plot/storyline of the game. But, if you’re not an amazing gamer, then that 40 hours is actually more like 50-60 hours. And that amount of time is only the main quest of the game, while most games offer far more extra parts of the game that will give you even more hours of game time. Not to mention online multiplayer which extends the life perpetually, if you’re willing to play the same game for that long. For the average person, though, $1 is about an hour of gameplay.
Compare this to going to the movie theater. You go to watch a movie for roughly 2 hours, and you spend way more than $2. If you include the cost of the tickets, which is about $13 per person, the popcorn, the candy, and the drinks, then the cost could amount to around $50! That’s an outrageous cost for 2 hours of entertainment, if you compare that to the video game market.
Anyways, the president of that college put it something like that.
Any thoughts on this?

Regarding the polls of this website:
I remember there being a poll on whether or not people were impressed by the Nintendo DSi. Based on the results, I was a little surprised to find out that it sold quite well in Japan. Maybe you can have a poll that asks whether or not people are going to buy the DSi after its impending release in April.

James writes:

It’s funny that you bring up that example of relating dollars spent to hours of entertainment. I am currently taking an American Cinema where my teacher was saying something similar. Back in the day, people would go to a movie theater and pay for a newreel, cartoon, small film and a full-length picture. So, to mention that you should get 40 hours of gameplay (first time through and replay value), you should pay $1 per hour. By the way, my professor agrees that we are getting ripped off nowadays from the movie theaters with a two hour film costing $10. Ridiculous.

More than likely, it’s in the minds of the news people to change to that in April. It would make sense.

Joslyn writes:

hello, my name is joslyn and my questoin is why on earth did Link no kiss Ilia in the game twilight princess. they both like each other. it would have started off a relationship for the both of them! what is an action game with out romance in it?lol well that my ?

James writes:

I think you don’t see a romance ever in the Zelda games is so that you create the idea in your own mind. If you look back on Ocarina of Time, Link had many “choices” in Ruto, Zelda, and Malon, and everyone has their own opinion on who Link ended up with. Besides, Zelda is an action game through and through, and adding in the concept of romance takes away from the idea of the game.

You could also see it as this: Link is a warrior who doesn’t have time for love. That settles it.

LitatheGuardian writes:

I read the previous mailbag just now and I realize that you have limited information on the new Zelda, but I heard a rumor from someone I trust somewhat that Nintendo’s making a big Zelda. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I am hoping for a smaller one, as I am not allowed on the Wii as my brother refuses to let me, and also because it would require years to make- I can’t go too long without another awesome game. If it is a big one, then I’ll be stuck bored for quite a while- the soonest I would expect it to release would be 2010! I can’t wait that long!

James writes:

I won’t accept a rumor until Nintendo comes out and says something about the game. I think we will hear some news on the new game at E3 this year. If not E3, we will hear some news for a major gaming convention this year.

What you have to remember is that Nintendo has claimed they have been working on the next Zelda Wii game since Twilight Princess came out. Twilight Princess came out in November of 2007. Even if you give them some room for error, they started working on it in January 2008, which is a year and some change. I would be surprised if you don’t see a new Zelda by year’s end, if not early next year. Don’t worry, you will get your game soon enough.

Feere Gorone writes:

Hey there. I was looking through the last mailbag, and there was a question asking for any information about the next Zelda game. You replied and said that you’d post when there’s information, but I was wondering: Do you post every rumour that comes out pertaining to the next game that you find? I remember back before Project Deluge was officially revealed as a hoax, there was a lot of talk on the forums about it. However, it took a while before the rumour and the fake interview were posted on the front page. So do you post every rumour you find, or do you not comment on it if, say, it seems too far-fetched? Personally, I read all the rumours I can find, and I’m probably not the only one who would like to see more posts about rumours of the next Zelda game.

James writes:

If I were still posting news (and hopefully the people who post news do this), I would check my sources over before posting a rumor or something news. I am in the journalism field, and I was taught to check the sources, the source’s sources, and the source’s source’s source. I always make sure that a story is on three major sites before posting it as news. If I only see it on one site, I post it as a rumor until I see otherwise. That way, my butt is covered and I cannot be held accountable in the future.

If I find a rumor really far-fetched, I would post it as such.

Bradley writes:

Cody started a thread about a ZU newsletter. I just have to say, do you think it should happen, or don’t you? If you do, what are some of your ideas for it. Oh, if you have some posts on the thread about it, excuse me, because I barely read any other posts in the thread, plus this mailbag would be a great way for people who aren’t members on the forums to learn about signing up for the newsletter (if there will not be a newspost about it).

James writes:

A few months before I stopped posting on ZU full-time, I thought up an idea for posting a newsletter of sorts. A what’s happening type of thing on ZU and Nintendo in general. We did have something like that in the idea of Hey! Listen! that pipking had started a while back that I ended up taking over.

If I end up coming back full-time to ZU, I will make sure something like that happens, because I think it is a wonderful idea.

Nicky writes:

I have bin getting a feeling a movie called the “Legend of Zelda” is coming out April 1,2009.Is that true?

James writes:

Umm… Look at the date. What date does that tell you about your feeling.

Alter writes:

I’m curious as to why there is so much hate going around when it comes to the CD-i games.You know as well as I that hardly anyone has played them outside of a half-working emulator. Most have just watched the corny cutscenes on YouTube as it is, and the majority of those videos just attempt to point out the flaws. And we can’t forget that the average Zelda doesn’t even know what CD-i is… Why do you think there’s so much hate going around?

I’m not sure if I’m just stupid or what, but I’ve failed to find an “official art” section here at ZU. I think it would be quite beneficial to have a library official images relating to the LoZ games. Not screenshots, mind you.

And how come I’m finding nothing when it comes to Tingle’s Balloon Fight and the Game & Watch Zelda and the CD-i’s? Sure these pages don’t deserve a whole lot of attention, but many fans are in the dark when it comes to these kind of things, right?

Well, that’s three things. :v)

James writes:

There is so much hate going around because the games do not do the series justice. They look horrible, (from what I’ve seen) they play horrible, and they are easy fodder to be made fun of. Check out the Angry Video Game Nerd and you will agree with me. But, be warned there is a lot of vulgarity in those videos.

As for art, if you go into any game and look under media, there should be links that have the word “art” in them, like Character Art, or Enemy Art, or Boss Art. I went into LoZ the first game, and found them right away. I don’t blame you for missing them, they tend to hide.

Like I mentioned before in a previous mailbag, there was a section long ago called “Other Games”, where it included every game that included a Zelda character in some form, but wasn’t vital to the overall series. It has since been removed, but I think it is being reworked. I will once again bring it up to Jason to find out what’s going on.