It is with a lugubrious and hefty heart that I come with such a report today. I have been informed, and feel it right to inform everyone on ZU, that long-time and cherished staff member, Duncan, also known as Hylie, passed away two days ago on March 7th due to complications from cancer.

Although Duncan has had cancer complications in the past, this is more sudden to many of us than it sounds – not long ago, after a successful cancer treatment, Duncan had complained about a lump in his skin, and had been on his way to recovery after doctors discovered that it was simply an abscess. Not long after, he developed more serious cancer in his skin. Duncan was a father to four children; his fourth child is due to be born in just a few weeks.

More recently, Duncan had begun, and possibly finished his work on his own Zelda fansite, Zelda in my Pocket, a tribute to the handheld Zelda canon. The site was meant to launch on February 1st, with great fanfare, but Duncan was mysteriously absent and the site did not launch as scheduled. A collective of Zelda fansite webmasters, including myself, had been closely following his developments with Zelda in my Pocket, and had been wondering why the launch was so delayed. It seems we won’t ever see Zelda in my Pocket – but that Duncan had begun, and in all probability finished, development on a project of such grand scale portrays the dedication that he has shown to all of us in his life – working with ZU staff, being a friend to all of us on the ZU forums, living with his wife and children – he has shown dedication and determination that none of us will forget.

In the many years I’ve been working for and running ZU, Duncan is the only staff member I felt was dedicated and hard-working enough to be able to successfully build up his own Zelda site from scratch. Even in death, he deserves nothing but praise for his efforts. Zelda in my Pocket, with time, would have become a rich site filled with life and vigor that only Duncan could have provided, and I was both proud and excited to see him “graduate,” if you will, from the ZU staff.

If you would like to discuss this on the forums, a eulogy thread has been created by Aeffles, one of our super moderators on the forums. Please refrain from posting rude comments; many of us in the Zelda community are hit hard by this news, including myself, and really would rather not see inappropriate behavior.

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