I’m sure this story will amuse most of you fellow Zelda Universearians. They say that video games can become addicting, sometimes to a dangerous level at that! Click the jump to find out about a case that can be considered alarming.

A woman wrote in to a blogger site about an affair her husband is having. This affair isn’t with another woman, no, it is actually the game we all adore, The Legend of Zelda. She tells about how he is more concerned with the game than herself. The man even passed on relations with his wife just so that he could play longer! The funniest part of the whole thing is when she talks about a time when he was driving her home from the hospital and how he forced her bed rest on her so that she would be stuck in the bedroom and not come out to the couch so he could continue to play.

I don’t know if this is more sad than it is funny or vice versa. What do you guys think?

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  • Solaira

    its sad and funny at the same time XD
    although i would slap him if he went too far

  • alexchu9

    Wow… that’s actually really sad… I consider myself a pretty hardcore gamer, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve got at least enough brains to realize when I’ve had too much…

  • lalolalicua

    haha, yeah of course i believe it!!, i mean, we all here loves all Zelda gamez, but not everyone are true lovers or fans like the few of us..

    let me tell you something.. time ago, i was playing OOT, i was on school-break so i played it all the time.. a month later, i was walking down the street (like always do) and suddenly i saw this crow flying out of a tree, and then i said “Quick take the bow”(in my mind of course haha), then i said WTF!!! whats happening to me??(now out loud from my mouth) geezz.. and a couple of weeks later i was messin around with a friend on this ranch, and i saw his damn beautiful horse (just an Eponas lookalike) and then i said (again in my mind) “gotta take the ocarina and play Eponas Song to ride”..

    maan!!, i mean, i was just taking the fantasy into the real world (unconsciously), and that was freaking me out!!.. of course since that, i left zelda for a little while, and everything came back to normal (thank God!! haha)

    so the moral here is:

    “Playing The Legend of Zelda gamez, is the best in this whole world, you can play it a lot, all f****** day if you want, but be careful about NOT crossing the Reality-to-Fantasy line”

    I said so.. =)

    be nice yall..


  • XD. imagine it! the husband is playing twilight princess. he says ‘yes! i found another golden bug!’ and the wife turns off the gamecube and the husband goes crazy and says ‘i didn’t save the game! oh no! i hate u! im dumping u!’ and the relationship breaks. lolz. think of other examples.

    also: some korean guy was playing games non-stop for MANY hours and died.

  • zombiefragger

    That woman needs to learn the power of the power button and the combined power of a good sock, a few yards of duck tape, and a good psychiatrist (a.k.a. a shrink).

  • ChainofTermina

    I think this guy’s an idiot. Zelda is obviously the best video game ever to exist, but even Zelda isn’t better than time spent eith your wife/husband/Boyfirend/Girlfriend.

  • That guy is just plain sad. It’s fine to love the game; I do! But to neglect your wife just so you can play it nonstop…that’s almost evil. Like Gannondorf-amount evil. I feel sorry for his wife.

  • By_Farore

    Sure, I’m a girl who loves LoZ, won’t mind speaking about it all time (so many games in the series after all) and I won’t mind playing some Super Smash Bros instead of going out for dinner if we’re broke, but if anyone starts treating me like that I’ll turn Navi on that guy then kick his butt into the Dark Realm of oblivion.
    I’ll also be afraid for my Zelda goodies. Imagine a divorce where you’ll have to fight in order to keep the Fierce Deity statue for yourself and send the cops if the ex steals it during the night.
    It’s so pathetic it’s hilarious.

  • Nagrom

    I’m a girl who likes LoZ as well, and yeah, I’d want to do something if anyone started treating the game better than me. I can understand “to a point” but once a guy crosses the like… there’s a problem.

  • LitatheGuardian

    This is hilarious!

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    funny, stupid, and sad,
    this is one of the many reasons I don’t identify as male… their dumb…

  • Kaylee

    Wow, that’s just… woooow.

    Okay, I seriously, seriously love the games. I stopped counting how many times I’ve played Ocarina of Time. But once I’ve beaten it maybe twice in a row, I let it rest for a while. And they don’t take a zillion hours to completely even to 100% (unless you’re getting figurines…) like command based RPGs do. So how does he really spend all the time on it? It would be more believable if it were an MMORPG with all the necessary level grinding and massive bosses. I read an article about a boss in FFXI that high level characters spent 11 hours trying to kill; they called off the attempt because people were literally passing out at their computers. People kill months on MMORPGs. No one should kill a relationship over a game where you can safely save and continue without missing anything.

    It’s the best game ever, but you have to live your own life sometimes.

  • Business Shrub (Deku)

    Hi, this is my first comment on ZU ever, I’ve been on this site for many years!

    I can’t blame him, I love Zelda, ALttP is my favorite, still after all these years. I think cosplay is the solution to this problem, buy her a Zelda cosplay costume, that way you’ll appreciate your wife even more. The bottom line is, some men drink beer and watch sports, others play games, no different! Since this is my first post ever, I have to confess I’ve never actually played TP yet, every time I remind my friend about this atrocity he gets really p*ssed and orders me to play it, but I don’t have time or money enough yet, so I guess I’m able to prioritize other things myself. Now you know me!

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    does no one even have the slightest desire to ask about my name?
    if you find the concept to be strange I can understand… but not one comment?

  • Shaelyn

    there was this one guy I was in a relationship with back in high school – this was right after Perfect Dark had come out…when I asked to spend time with him, he declined. when I asked why, he said he’d rather play his game.

    we weren’t together much longer after that. …and ever since then, I’ve had an urge to burn every copy of Perfect Dark in sight XD

    but yeah, I’d believe it. the douchebag I was with blew me off before finding out that I actually *enjoyed* watching others play games. his loss.

  • Tess

    Okay, yes. Zelda is the best game series out there. But to blow off spending time with your loved one to play it is just taking it too far. I can’t help but feel sorry for the wife. She needs to know that there’s a power button on the console to stop him from playing…even though he may go evil on her, at least it’s off.

    I find this funny and sad at the same time…


      whoever loves Zelda is a stupid C.O.O.L.

      • LINKLOVER43


  • katie

    get a life LOZERS


    This guy is such an addict. He needs to SMASH his games!!!!!!!!!

  • Art1st4786

    I’ve commented about this on another site already, but I’m wondering if there are other issues with the marriage that aren’t mentioned besides him spending too much time playing Zelda.

    I’m a hard-core gamer, too, as is my boyfriend, but we both know when to put the controller down to spend time with each other. It’s called self-control and remembering that there are other wonderful things in life besides video games, which is something this guy needs to learn, apparently.