It’s no question that ZU’s most popular section is the Ocarina of Time section, a section that, unfortunately, has been bereft of images for a good time. This is all about to change, starting with the Gold Skulltulas page, which now has one hundred screenshots indicating the location of each Skulltula courtesy of forum-goer 0nilink.

In addition to the screenshots, various errors and typos were corrected in the guide, and the formatting was changed to accommodate the images to the standard ZU guide format.

You’ll find images popping up all around the Ocarina of Time section as we move our efforts towards filling up the sections missing images. Staff member Steve has been gathering up as much high-quality Ocarina of Time models rips as possible and already implemented what we’ve gotten so far into the Characters and Enemies pages. Expect these areas to be filled in the coming weeks!

As a quick closing statement, all these efforts are part of a broader movement to build up ZU’s waning Zelda Media Gallery, currently sparsely populated with miscellaneous Zelda imagery. All the higher-quality artwork not displayed on ZU’s main site sections, and higher quality versions of artwork already displayed here, will be shifted to the gallery once we’ve gotten the main site filled up.

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