You heard it right. The head of Sora Ltd. and creator of Kirby and Smash Bros is back with Nintendo again where two announcements were made. One of which is business like and normal people may not care, but another that will; of course, lead to more speculation. Hit the jump to find out!

For the business like part, Sora Ltd. was bought out by Nintendo, they hold about 72% of the stake in the company now and are the sole owners of the company now. The name of the company is being changed from Sora Ltd. to Project Sora, and currently has about 30 people assigned to it and they are hiring even more.


Now for the speculation. You, the reader, may be asking, what is the first game being worked on by the new Project Sora? Well, it is an undisclosed title at the moment, and no it isn’t another Smash Brothers game.

Do we get any hint on what the game could be?

“I can promise an experience that’s different from anything [you’ve played] up until now.”

Oh… something new. What in the world do you think it could be?

Source: MyWii

  • beanjavert

    Hmm… I know that you’re implying it to be a Zelda game, but this seems to me to be more likely to be a new sort of thing.
    “Different from anything you’ve played up until now” suggests some new game, but not likely in a series we’re familiar with.

    Maybe something like Okami?

    • lolwut

      I didn’t mean to imply that. Sorry. XD

      • lftenjamin

        … why was I lolwut?

  • alexchu9

    Ohhh man!!! If Sakurai is coming back to nintendo this could be the start of something great (again!!!)
    First Kirby, then Smash bros… now what!?!?!?

  • Master Jedi

    I don’t know, it could be a another game like wii fit. If we go along with Nintendo’s recent trend of marketing to families, it wont be a zelda game.

    I do recall that line used in a article here about Zelda a few months ago. So a new zelda game might me a possibility. I doubt it though.

    • Will

      Hmmm…I don’t think it’ll be another casual game. According to IGN
      “Sakurai also offers a few suggestions that the game will appeal to core game players. In fact, Sakurai specifically states that he wasn’t interested in doing something along the lines of the Touch Generations series of games.” Good news for us.

  • Feere Gorone

    Well, maybe it’ll be Kirby for Wii.

  • Oh my god it’s going to be absolutely amazing! I can’t wait!

  • ChainofTermina

    I sure hope it’s a kirby game. The only Kirby game for Gamecube was air riders, and that was just a racing game. Hope fully Kirby Wii (if there is one) will be a nice 3D Action adventure game, similar to Kiby 64. we need more of those.

  • Clive

    This issue doesn’t concern me in anyway.

  • Clive

    This issue does not concern me.