nintd89232Yeah, you heard right, someone decided to go green and make a modification to the DS Lite that allows it to be powered by the sun. Basically what they did was attach two 60x60mm solar cells to the cover of the DS allowing it to be powered by the sunlight.

The Solar DS offers a 6 volt output, making this a great gaming device for the people that like to play outside.

Directions on how to make your own Solar-powered DS can be found here.

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  • Hydraboxdog

    So… do you have to lie down on your back outside to get the panels facing the sun?

  • Naokohiro

    I think that the light reflecting off the ground would be plenty enough to power 6 volts. Unless, you’re standing above a black floor or something.

  • Master Jedi

    Actually I think that would be cool. You wouldn’t have to use a special charger in the car. The only downside would be that it wouldn’t work at night, which isn’t much of a problem. I would buy one of those.

  • Kayle

    If it’s bright enough outside, I can’t even see the screen. 🙁 I like to play inside or in the shade at least.

  • UnderworldKing

    Didn’t someone make a solar-powered GBA or GB as well. Wonder if its the same guy? Who knows maybe it is ^_^!

  • Dark Sponge

    Just so you know (I'm the person who wrote the instructable), the DS isn't directly powered by the solar panels, they just charge the battery.

  • solar cells these days are not yet very efficient in generating electricity:::

  • amorphous type solar cells are the cheapest option that we cant get if we want solar power.”~

  • mediknight

    I am doing a freakin science project with ths so it better work! My mom ordered two if those panels for $3.25 each!