When we ported the old ZU articles over to the new ZU, we left something pretty important behind: Who the authors were. We’ve gone back, looked at all our articles, and assigned them the correct authors – and to those authors wondering where their credit had gone for so long, we apologize for not doing this sooner. In addition, to articles that once had images, those images are now back and in action (such as the images in my review of Okami, which I am shamelessly plugging here as it is still an awesome game).

In addition, remember those old Behind the Rupees articles? No, BtR isn’t coming back, but in order to make things a little more organized I will soon meld the BtR articles into each of the seven usual article categories, making articles easier to find and navigate through. However, speaking of BtR, I suppose I should mention that way too many people are interested in bringing BtR back.

You know what? We’re sick of getting emails. So we’re building up a team of article writers. We’ve got two already, and we’re working on building a reserve of articles that we can eventually unleash every week, forever. Will they have a fancy name like Behind the Rupees? Maybe, we haven’t really thought of that. But if there ever was a better time to use our Submit an Article button, now’s that time. We’re going article-happy, as Crab Helmet’s recent stuff might have indicated, and if you write something good and submit it there’s a good chance it’ll appear on ZU!

There’s more good stuff coming later, so check back soon. Remember, there’s a Submit an Article page if you ever want to write some good Zelda reading for everyone to see!