The Nintendo Wii is on it’s way to replacing the PlayStation 2 as the most successful console of all time ever, according to analyst firm Venture Beat. The console is predicted to have sold 154 million Wii’s globally by 2014, says Digital Spy, that would put it ahead of the 140 million units the PlayStation 2 has managed.

According to Venture Beat the Wii is 10 percent ahead of the PS2 in comparative life-time terms, having sold 17.5 million units during the first 26 months on sale in the US, compared to 15.9 million units for Sony’s console.

More good news from Nintendo.

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    "More good news from Nintendo."

    don't you mean, more good news FOR Nintendo. And to be honest, I'm sick of all of the news about Nintendo and sales. Not a dig at you for posting it, but just the fact that Nintendo are always going on and ****ing on about sales.

  • Twilight Wolf

    GKANG speaks the truth.