Here at ZU, we have started a little thing called the ZUHC (Zelda Universe Holiday Cards), but in order to keep this project going, we need your support. The project was started to spread holiday cheer to the people of ZU. The cards are designed by ZU’s very own members, and are based on the suggestions other members have submitted. So far, the ZUHC team only has three members and only has the support of five. But five people are not enough to keep this project going, so this is where you guys come in! At the moment, we have no choice but to ask the people of ZU what they might want on the cards. Guessing can only go so far, so we need your suggestions. If you would like to support the ZUHC, then you can visit the public thread here. Community Coordinators can also visit the main ZUHC thread in the CC board if they want to help with this project.

There is one more spot if you would like to be an artist for this project, but we would like you to have some experience with graphic programs on the computer. If you would like to become one, just Private Message the ZUHC manager, Zien.

So, support the ZUHC!

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    Making cards? I don't get it. I mean, christmas just passed. Do you print them out too? Haha I totally don't get this.

  • Zien

    Yay, the post is made! Thanks, Liquid. Support the ZUHC!

  • Zien


    Cards for all/most holidays. For example, we are currently working on cards for Valentines Day.

  • Zien

    A member or two makes cards to post on ZU. These cards can be made on the computer, or drawn. The cards are based off of suggestions made by other members of ZU. When the day arrives (for ex: Valentines Day), the card which I pick to be final is posted on ZU. Hopefully, by an annoncement, or something. More details are in the public thread.