There is a rumor going around that Nintendo is planning to release the DSi in the month of April of this year.6335853729155051355 The new DSi is estimated to cost around USD 179.99 and apparently will be released in the first half of this year, sometime around April 4 is the rumored date, according to IGN which cities,”multiple sources close to Nintendo”.

First revealed in October of last year, the DSi features a camera and built-in memory. It’s first debut was in Japan late last year, and it revived the sales of Nintendo’s handheld, that had been losing to Sony’s PSP handheld.

So if you’re wanting to get the DSi, it just might be available in April.

Source: IGN
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  • Aerostella

    Mmm…well I do want to get one. Too bad I have no money.

  • Twilight Wolf

    Waste of money.

  • ah sweet, my birthday is in april 🙂

  • Link_86_1

    I saved my Christmas money for that thing! Might have to get a different income though… hmmm..

  • couragelink999

    i bet if you drop it the camera will go i think the ds lite is fine or the original. you really dont need a camera on a video game system