In an effort to boost music among children, Nintendo is partnering with The National Association for Music Education to bring Wii Music to classrooms across America.

546472Yes, it is true. Nintendo is actually partnering with TNAME to get kids more interested in learning about music. They will be bringing Wii Music into 51 cities, their intent is not to teach kids exactly how to play music, but to get them interested and engaging them with some key educational concepts.

“The goal of Wii Music is to inspire people of all ages to enjoy music,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo’s VP of sales and marketing.”By partnering with educators and bringing Wii Music into their classrooms, we hope to give students a memorable, hands-on experience that helps them discover their own creative voice.”

And so far it seems to be working, and not just with the kids, either. “Wii Music has brought a renewed excitement to music class for students from first grade to fifth, myself and even some of the classroom teachers,” said Helen A. Krofchick, a music teacher in South Carolina. “I love how many music standards can be covered in such a short time. Students also have to use language skills, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination… any system that is educational and can add a love of music to childrens’ lives should be in every classroom.”

So it looks like Wii Music is not only used for entertainment, but education as well.

Source: Nintendo Bringing Wii Music to Schools
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