Are you surprised? You shouldn’t. Since Wii Sports comes bundled with every console, it’s bound to sell like crazy. The now second best selling game of all time – previous champion – was Super Mario Brothers for the NES.

Indeed, with approximately40.2 million copies sold, VGchartz reported a couple of days ago that Wii Sports is the best selling game of all time. Now, you might think that since the game comes bundled with every Wii, it shouldn’t count. However, many games on the top of the charts came bundled with consoles as well, including games such as Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, Super Mario World, and more. Adding to that, Wii Sports is not bundled with the console in Japan and Korea, where about 45% of Wii buyers also bought Wii Sports.

This is sure to spark some heated debates amongst the fanboys, so head over to the forums and have your say!

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  • steve

    so.. you say in the title its the best selling video game of all time, but in the first line you say its the second best selling.

    • Jason

      He says that Super Mario Bros. is the second best selling game, not Wii Sports.

  • David

    I wonder if the list includes non-Nintendo titles, since it simply says “Best selling games of all time”.

  • Arjen

    Ha ha ha. Though I shouldn’t be surprised, I totally forgot about the possibility of Super Mario Bros. being surpassed in sales. Hurray, though! The more Nintendo earns, the more they can improve on their products.

  • Twilight Wolf

    Now that’s just sad.

  • Aerostella

    Frankly, I’m amazed. Is that for all game sales, or just Nintendo?