The All-mighty ReggieAccording to the all-mighty Reggie, CEO of Nintendo of America, Nintendo does indeed listen to what the fans say. Common complaints by fans about the Nintendo Wii include: lack of hard drive, minimal online play, and awkward friend codes. Reggie explains Nintendo’s views on the matter.

“We listen to our fans all the time. Nintendo fans are some of the most passionate in the world, and believe me, they make their opinions heard. We’re not claiming our way of doing things is better or worse than anyone else – it’s just different. We listen very closely to what people have to say, both pro and con, and keep those feelings in mind as we plan ahead.”

So, translation: The Wii is most likely not going to be vastly improved upon. But we can still hope for the next console.

Source: Reggie: ‘Nintendo IS listening to fans’ (Thanks to Steve for the tip!)
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